The celebration season is upon us and OHLALA’s editor was treated to party-ready hair and nails at Dessange Paris Bahrain in time to embrace the merry days ahead.

On my drive to Dessange, Lovely Day by Bill Withers started playing on my Spotify, giving me a wonderful sense of happiness. The weather was nice, the sunshine looked different (the sky seemed bluer) and I was heading to a place where pampering, smiles and a good vibe were waiting for me. Such a great start to a day!

As soon as I entered the reception area, the pleasant Dessange signature smell of lemongrass hit my nostrils, giving me a warm feeling, followed by receptionist Carmela’s big smile and friendly good morning. She checked my appointment and walked with me to the salon area. The light entering the room was just delightful. I like it when you are inside an enclosed place but still have the outside sunlight coming in.

As end-of-year celebrations are on the calendar this month, being pampered with a contemporary Christmas-themed manicure and fabulous hair sounded like a great idea. I love the concept of incorporating the holiday season into beauty and fashion; it makes the month even jollier. Winter is also around the corner and we tend to go out more and socialise with friends to enjoy the cool weather, so there is nothing better than sporting nice nails and bouncy hair for these occasions.

My first appointment was with hair specialist Joanne, who explained that every client undergoes a scalp and hair condition analysis before any blow-dry and haircut. She told me that I have an oily scalp and dry hair. The consultation is fundamental to detecting which products will work best for each hair type during the washing process. In my case, she opted for the PHYTODESS Terre Précieuse Malachite scalp mask. A product made with green clay, malachite and essential oils such as tea tree, red mandarin and petitgrain that helps balance and cleanse the scalp. To improve the results, she added a pump of PHYTODESS Shampooing Au Ginseng Violet, a purple ginseng shampoo, to cater for my bleached strands. She is a true alchemist! She sectioned my hair, applied the mixture to the roots and gave me a comprehensive head massage to improve the circulation in the area and help all the goodness penetrate my scalp. She left the product for about five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with PHYTODESS Shampooing Au Thé Blanc (white tea shampoo) for radiance and protection and indicated for highlighted or colour-treated hair. She then finalised with PHYTODESS Tiger Nut Oil Mask for nutrition and control of unruly tresses like mine.

Meanwhile, Rosalie, the nail technician, came to rescue my fingertips. Funnily enough, when I was leaving my car and heading to the reception, I broke a nail, so having a manicure that day was timely. She started by fixing my nails’ sizes, filing them into a proper shape and removing all the dead and dry skin. She exfoliated my hands with sea salt and lavender scrub to make them soft and remove dead skin cells. The hand massage was a highlight as she put pressure on sore points and alleviated some of the pain I had. It is, unfortunately, a writer’s problem, and I am no exception.

It was time to give a final touch to my hair and Nur, the hairstylist, opted for a blow-dry and waves. The trend for the season is a more structured ripple, moving away from loose beachy waves. And if you have curtain bangs, the look will be spot on! My naturally curly hair doesn’t really allow me to have a fringe, but I looked fabulous and party-ready after she styled my locks, controlling the frizz with some spray.

While I waited for Pranita, the nail artist who was going to put the final coat on my nails, I moved to the café area. The charming space is conveniently positioned next to the health club on the villa’s top floor. It offers an array of drinks, from coffee to smoothies and healthy bites. Michele, the sweet lady in charge, promptly prepared a banana and berries smoothie for me. I drank the delicious thick liquid, which became my lunch, while catching up on some work emails. The December juice is the Snowflake Peppermint, a mix of Greek yoghurt, milk, peppermint, oats, chia seeds and vanilla protein. A festive smoothie packed with fibre, essential minerals and antioxidants.

Pranita was ready for me, so I went back to the salon area, where the nail stations are located. I love nail art, but I am useless at doing it myself, so when I get my nails done by professionals, I like it to be extra special. The design the Dessange team picked was the cutest! A very soft pink base with red tips, a la French manicure, with a twist. On the ring finger of both hands, a delicate bow to resemble a gift was painted by Pranita – a feminine and daring detail. I absolutely loved it – holiday season, here we go!

I really wanted to leave Dessange and head straight to a Christmas party. However, it was just the middle of the day on a Tuesday, so I had to run to the office to work. But thanks, Dessange, for putting me in a joyous mood and letting me dream of Christmas.

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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