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Our wardrobes can be the starting point to reduce our footprint in the world. With this in mind, we showcase ZALXNDRA, an environmentally-friendly brand that believes in conscious style.

The colourful and hand-crafted pieces from ZALXNDRA are spring and summer dresses fit for your midsummer day’s dreams. Founded in 2016, the brand offers a different approach to today’s fast fashion. It prizes high-quality materials with exquisite embroidery that can take up to two months to complete and lasts a lifetime.

Uniting innovation and artistry, the brand’s heritage of handicrafts gives life to eye-catching pieces in silhouettes that celebrate the wearer’s uniqueness. ZALXNDRA offers hand-embroidered linen dresses, showcasing a creative twist on traditional stitching, and machine-embroidered linen garments.

The clothing line is made by an all-female team in quality working conditions, using highly ethical, zero-waste manufacturing methods. The fine linen is sourced from a certified environmentally friendly and safety-conscious supplier, making the pieces 100-per-cent natural, biodegradable and recyclable. The linen is also a natural antiseptic and hypoallergenic. The embroidery threads are 100-per-cent viscose. Its raw material is extracted from sustainably managed wood and refined according to environmentally-friendly standards to premium-grade viscose threads.

The dresses are an eco-friendly option for your wardrobe in comfortable and stylish designs. The lively collection is a great pick to celebrate summer with vibrant looks.

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