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The beauty brand Tata Harper values complex formulations combining various natural ingredients. The Elixir Vitae Collection is dedicated to fighting the signs of ageing.

Tata Harper is a luxury skincare line with highperforming, non-toxic and 100% natural products. Its founder and the brand’s namesake grew up in Colombia and embarked on a five-year journey to develop the formulation process and proprietary bio-engineering technology. The product’s creation is grounded in the philosophy that more ingredients mean more results.

The Tata Harper Elixir Vitae Collection targets severe wrinkles and under-eye bags. The line offers a modern, non-toxic alternative to injectables by smoothing and plumping the skin. With 72 active ingredients in the Elixir Vitae Serum and 63 in the Elixir Vitae Eye Serum, the aim is to provide anti-ageing aid naturally. Both are high-powered and highly concentrated to tackle immediate and long-term ageing effects.

The full range of products is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and created from start to finish on Harper’s 1,200- acre certified-organic farm in Vermont Champlain Valley in the United States. Nothing in production is outsourced, allowing Tata to oversee every aspect of production to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Every complex formula is engineered with the highest possible quantity of unique skin-innovative ingredients, captured at their most effective peak for maximum potency and meticulously packed into small bottles.


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