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Delicate and feminine pieces are the key elements in Chopard’s Precious Lace Collection. A dainty detail to add to your looks.

The luxury jewellery brand Chopard is back on the playing field with a new collection embracing the fusion of elegant lace and timeless diamonds. The Precious Lace Collection is committed to Chopard’s ceaseless aim of dismantling formality and adorning your skin with jewellery for ‘every day, every occasion, and every woman’. As jewels and fabric are intertwined, the intricate shapes of the gems come to signify the delicate artistry and agility of lace, which was perfected by hand craftsmen in 17thcentury Venice, whence it spread to the rest of Europe.

Lace was originally made from linen, silk or metallic gold threads and in the 19th century, cotton was the new material used. The making of lace would normally involve three key specialists: the designer; the pattern maker, who translated the designs onto parchment; and the lacemaker, who would finally apply those designs onto the lace. Back in the early days, the fabric became an expensive luxury item due to the difficulty of its production and was worn as a mark of aristocracy and sophistication by royals and the like. Nowadays, lace is made mainly by machines and is widely worn, both in formal and casual settings.

Inspired by the ‘lightness and whiteness’ of this intricate textile, The Precious Lace Collection serves as the prime embodiment of the beautiful characteristics of the material, with a weaving of gold and diamond creating floral patterns, scrolls, swirls and scalloped edges as the chief shapes. The main design of the collection, namely that of a rhythmic rippling gold and diamond set curl enclosing an unfurling file of pearshaped diamonds, is now presented through several miniaturised forms. The Vague line comprises earrings, a pendant and a ring, with patterns of a foaming sea billow. And the Mini-Froufrou includes a set of earrings, a pendant, a ring and a bangle, adorned with a stylised flower motif with scalloped borders and pear-shaped diamond petals.

Chopard collections are available at Chopard Boutique in Moda Mall. For more information, please call 1752 0088

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