Golden Embers

Valérie Messika introduces a new aesthetic for the maison: Fiery.

Valérie Messika, the visionary founder and Artistic Director of Messika, introduces a captivating new aesthetic to the renowned jewellery house with the Fiery collection. This innovative line reinvents the pear-cut diamond, infusing it with a fresh, dynamic spirit that balances modernity with timelessness.

Fiery is a masterful embodiment of contrasts. On one side, the traditional roundness of the teardrop shape exudes a classic charm. On the other, a bold, subversive edge adds a contemporary twist. This duality reflects the core of the brand’s DNA, where the essence of the diamond is revealed in all its multifaceted brilliance.

Valérie describes it as a collection of juxtaposition. It is modern, with its robust gold pieces, yet timeless in its refined design. The assortment includes pieces that serve dual purposes: they are minimalist, classic creations as well as fashion-forward statements with a playful edge.

The hallmark of this collection is the uninhibited elegance of the pear-cut diamond. Wrapped in solid gold with precision-cut sides, the precious stone transcends traditional settings. It remains dazzling and precious, true to the brand’s renowned diamond expertise, but now more assertive, sharp and graphic. This new motif, first introduced in 2014 high jewellery collections and revisited in 2020 through a collaboration with Kate Moss, has now been given its own dedicated assemblage.

Fiery comprises four striking and contrasting jewels designed for those with spicy and bold personalities. It features avant-garde creations that invite endless mix-and-match possibilities. Whether worn point up or down, combined with different gold colours, or stacked with varying carat sizes of diamonds, it encourages personal expression. Each piece allows the wearer to style their flame as they wish, emphasising individuality and creativity.


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