Expect ruffles, lace and glamour in the exclusive 2nd drop of this year’s designer collaboration. An eclectic feast of glorious femininity

Known as the dressmaker to some of the most glamorous people of the contemporary world, from globetrotting, jet-setting gals to artists and celebrities, the Valli Girls. Giambattista Valli created a feisty collection for H&M that reads like an eclectic recap of his style. He calls it an “abecedario”, apropos, which in Italian means a dictionary. The collection: a selection of timeless pieces meant to be mixed and matched according to personal style; items designed to last and be cherished for a long time. It’s all about style more than fashion. Giambattista Valli, in fact, believes that one half of the work is done in the atelier, while the rest is up to the clients and their personalities. Each one different, each one unique.

A designer with a wide range of esthetic interests and a natural understanding of what women want, Giambattista Valli celebrates feminine beauty in many different ways. He is known first and foremost of his dresses: feasts of ruffles; glamorous layers of fabric blooming all around the body. But he is also a master of sharp, tailored silhouettes cut with exact precision, and of glamorous separates thought to make daily life fun, without sacrificing the ease.

The Giambattista Valli x H&M collection encompasses all these elements, following Valli’s belief in a style that is timeless, ageless, effortless.


Dresses take center stage, drawing a garden of fashionable pieces. Long gowns hug the bust and flow below the waist, movement highlighted by lace edging, beautiful prints, a widening of tiers on a tulle gown. A dramatic red dress opens up in giant ruffles at the shoulders like the wings of an angel. Micro floral prints and a fluttering of ruffles give long sleeved or sleeveless dresses a rococo dash of French politeness, which carries on in the demure short dresses. Legs for miles characterize the racier section of the collection, made of womanly short dresses that sculpt the body, bare shoulders and swarm in delicate motifs. A flowery tutu with an asymmetric ruffle is as quintessentially Valli as a black, curvaceous bustier dress with flaps. Blouses and little cardigans ooze the same feminine spirit, conveyed through micro ruffles and flower embroideries.

The Giambattista Valli x H&M collection encompasses all these elements, following Valli’s belief in a style that is timeless, ageless, effortless.


Tailored items – a short blazer with peak lapels, a long coat – capture the sharp side of the collection. Edged in flower motifs, these slightly masculine pieces are seen in a very feminine way, marrying delicacy with strictness to great effect. Voluminous outerwear brings a touch of bohemia to the discourse, while cargo pants and leather trousers have a tomboyish tone that is balanced by sexy miniskirts.


In order to cater the Valli girls of every generation, Giambattista Valli created a series street-inflected pieces that nonetheless retain his unique sense of femininity and embellishment. A black hoodie swarms with flower motifs, while a print of lips runs all over the t-shirt. Decorative embroideries give preciousness to the simple sweatshirt. A logo on the chest is straightforward, in a fresh way.


The Giambattista Valli x H&M collection encompasses a wide range of jewelry and accessories to freely play with. The string of pearls is the key item: modeled on the style Giambattista himself wears; it features a mouth pendant that is molded on the designer’s own lips. Then there is GBV rings and earrings, sword earrings, VALLI GIRL earrings, Lolita sunglasses. High heel sandals and booties share the stage with flat slippers. Shoulder bags are small and demure, adding posture. Animal print scarves, socks and decorative stockings complete the image.

The elements to play with are feisty and varied. The interpretation is up to all the aspiring Valli Girls.

Giambattista Valli x H&M collection will be exclusively available from 7th November in H&M Bahrain City Centre @hm /

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