Gentle Fluidity

Gentle Fluidity is Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s take on gender identity and a celebration of everyone’s right to express themselves freely.

When signing the Gentle Fluidity duo in 2019, Francis Kurkdjian took a strong creative stance by disrupting the rules of female and male perfumery. The two eaux de parfum have the same name and are composed of the same forty-nine ingredients, but their olfactory identities are decisively different thanks to the masterful dosage of each component, hence surpassing the male-female dichotomy: Gentle fluidity (Silver edition) is woody aromatic while gentle Fluidity (Gold edition) is musky oriental. Beyond having two distinctive trails, the two fragrances hold distinguishing signs on their typography and colors, gold and silver.

When virtuality becomes a reality

While the first Gentle Fluidity movie – released for the perfume launch in 2019 and realized with Director Cyril Teste and Digital Artist Hugo Arcier – materialized the olfactory creation, this latest campaign embodies the emotion of it, through dance.

Francis Kurkdjian practiced ballet until the age of 24 and, for him, it holds several
similarities with the world of perfume: the mastery of the space, the concept of
equilibrium, the fluidity of movement which must be seamless, like the sequence of
the elements in a formula.

This analogy makes even more sense in Gentle Fluidity. A dancer must know how to
master a stage with their movements; in the same way that a good perfume occupies
the space with its trail. The balance – or imbalance – of the bodies reflects the one
of the ingredients in the two formulas. There is something invigorating in ballet and
in a pas de deux, a form of reciprocal emulation, where two entities depend on each
other to be as one. Gentle Fluidity, like dance, is a completely free and audacious
form of expression.

In this new film directed by Neels Castillon, the two dancers, Marion Barbeau (Première
Danseuse at the Opéra de Paris) and Kevin Franc, personify the Gentle Fluidity
fragrances in an exclusive choreography by Fanny Sage. The fluidity of the dancers’
movements and their complicity mirror the synergy between the ingredients of the two
eaux de parfum. Gentle Fluidity is open to total freedom of interpretation; the boundaries
between masculine and feminine fragrance are questioned and challenged.

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