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The most luxurious hotels where fashion abounds, haute cuisine is for breakfast and the settings are as sleek as they come…

If you were to equate Paris’ properties in terms of a fashion show seating arrangement, the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg is all FROW. Not only does it sit within skipping distance to Place de la Concorde, but the sisterhood of Dior, Chanel, Gucci and co, (where only the well-heeled prance) skirt around the 1st arrondisement – the most prestigious of all arrondisements, at that. Being on Rue Boissy d’Anglas, the hotel benefits from a plethora of surrounding shops, some quietly quaint on a side street, some more gregarious in their real estate on the glittery Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Due to the proximity to the U.S.

Embassy and Élysée Palace, the official residence to the French president, the hotel falls on one of the safest streets in Paris. Additionally too, the section of Rue Boissy d’Anglas where the hotel is found, is semi-pedestrianised with armed police officers, so you’re in good hands here. What’s even better is how discreet the hotel appears from the outside. Despite it being the flagship Sofitel property within the Accor Group, the hotel retains a lowlevel elite status – the best ones always do.

lobby reception

After a slick check-in and making my way to a perfectly poised room, I’m made aware of the fact that I’ll be sleeping on MyBed® bedding designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon and that the décor was conceptualised by Didier Gomez who took the reigns during the refurbishment a few years ago. Normally I cast these sorts of details aside by default as my general hotellery knowledge is nowhere near five-star-level to be able to decipher names in the industry – but all I needed to do was plant myself on the edge of the bed to know these designers are in the top ranks. You essentially melt into the fibre of the bed, as the plump duvet slowly envelops you with its cloud-like cushiness.

Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

There’s an overall period polish to the room but with a feast of 21st century fixtures. The spotlights over the bed create a dreamy halo around the mountain of pillows and illuminate the debonair painting sitting directly above the head, playing off the
18th century classicism backdrop of the hotel. The crisp white and powder blue colour scheme is an enchanting mix, one that leaves you feeling relaxed and allows for a peaceful sleep. The window looks out onto an interior courtyard filled with pretty plants, paying homage to the true spirit of chic Paris.

The bathroom has a sumptuous bath, complete with a line of Hermès toiletries including shower gels, shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion. The marbled floors look and feel prestigious, making me want to spend more time than I need in the plush bathroom.

“There’s an overall period polish to the room but with a feast of 21st century fixtures”

The jewel in the hotel’s crown is the lobby area where you’ll find a mini, albeit rather scene-stealing mannequin display of cascading gowns brought in from the Fédération Française de la Couture where the microscopic needlework shows off the utmost technical prowess and confirms couture’s breathtaking status in the world of fashion. Being Fashion Week, it only seems appropriate to bring that glamour into the hotel; it is indeed, a very fine touch. The lobby’s skylight (fantastically designed by Gomez) bathes the display in a warm and soft light, come rain or shine, and gives the space an added smattering of elegance.

Further from the lobby is a chic old-world library nook with coffee table books related to fashion, history and travel. I while away several blissful hours scrolling through daily feeds of the latest from the fashion world while taking thick sips of a luxurious hot chocolate. The warm brown tones of the library are homely and make you feel cocooned in a vintage film set, steeped in oodles of history. It’s the kind of setting which you’d see sprawled across several pages in a glorious hardback art deco book full of interior design inspiration.

There’s plenty of substance in the style in every corner of the hotel, so thoughtfully
executed, reminding you why Paris is a city of timeless beauty. Add to that, Yannick Alléno lends his three-Michelin star skills to the hotel’s STAY Faubourg restaurant, an urban dining concept which sees an irresistible pastry library in the centre of the restaurant where you’ll find the most decadent and delicate macaroons placed in rows of rainbow order.


The menu offers the finest in French cuisine presented with contemporary flair against the exceptionally sophisticated space. I have my breakfast in the restaurant every morning where the elegance of a continental breakfast is fortified by the sprightly staff offering newspapers, coffee or juice to go with my buttery croissant(s). A multitude of sins take place in this restaurant, but it’s Paris; so naturally all clean eating plans are consciously dashed.

Copyright Phototèque ACCOR. Photo Gilles TRILLARD.

After a three-night stay, it’s hard to leave behind the convenience and relief of staying in a hotel that offers exemplary service and a runway retreat away from the crowds. Given the hotel’s haute couture sensibilities and distinct Parisian charm, the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg will always be on trend in my books.

Georgie Bradley

Editor in Chief



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