From Farm-to-Fork

A journey straight to Tuscany is what you experience when dining at L’Orto Bahrain. Join OHLALA’s Sara Waddah as she embarks on a culinary trip of fulfilment and nourishment in this rustic and redefined Italian destination.

With organic and fresh ingredients farmed and consumed every day, Chef Susy Massetti has just recently opened up her very own restaurant, L’Orto, which is located in Adliya Block 338. Introducing one of the very first ‘farm-to-table’ concepts in the city, this eatery redefines Italian cuisine from all that we know, into something that is far more satisfying and nourishing.

Upon entering L’Orto, your soul immediately transports elsewhere with the ambience they have put in place. Giving the entire restaurant a dreamy, rustic aura, guests are welcomed and ushered through, leaving time for them to soak in all the incredible pieces of art displayed throughout the place. With fruit- and vegetable-faced portraits hanging on the walls, L’Orto pays homage to Renaissance painters, culture and tradition, with hand-picked items that all work side by side to make you feel like you’re in Italy.

Known for her incredible dishes and organic farming, we were lucky enough to be greeted personally by Chef Susy, who lightly spoke to us about the special creations we were going to experience, and how her main drive continues to be about nourishing the human spirit. One thing I learnt about Italian food whilst at L’Orto, is that it is never only food – there are stories, memories, feelings and excitement that all go into the dishes prepared. Bringing a little taste of Tuscany right to our table, Chef Susy spoke about the significance of the dishes to her, the memories and sentiment that comes with working on them, as well as the beauty of the entire preparation process.

“One thing I learnt about Italian food whilst at L’Orto, is that it is never only food – there are stories, memories, feelings and excitement that all go into the dishes prepared.”

Going into the procedure of the way things are done at L’Orto, the restaurant currently presents guests with ‘Il menu di oggi’, which is the daily changing menu that is put together and prepared by the staff every single day. Some of the dishes on this menu are rotating, but it takes quite some time before you’ll ever come across them again – now that made us feel special!

Alongside the ever-changing daily menu, L’Orto also has I Piatti Amati and I Piatti Toscani Di Tradizione – these are apart from the permanent menu that stays available all week long and is composed of the Most Loved and Traditional Tuscan Dishes that are prepared by the chefs. As we got acquainted with the restaurant and prepared ourselves for what was to come, we were presented with our first round from the Most Loved Menu – the La Burrata with fresh Tuscan black truffles was rich in flavour and perfectly paired with the La Pizza Bianca ai Funghi. Both of these had us floating in truffle heaven and we were not ready to come down.

Realising that the surprises of this night were never-ending, we delved head-first into the exclusive menu, and were taken aback by every single dish – there was absolutely no room for competition as everything was worthy of an award.

The caramelised fig salad and tuna tartare were exquisite in taste and presentation – the techniques used to create the dishes helped us realise how the purity of the ingredients played a massive role in amazing our taste buds with every bite. You can trust us that no plate was left unattended and that not a single mouthful was left behind.

Already extremely satisfied with the starters – the portions are somewhat close to perfect – we cooled down and prepared for the main courses. Now, these were the real show stoppers!

Out came the Coda Alla Vaccinara, Sunchoke and Leeks Risotto, Beef Cheeks and the European Seabass Fillet. All these dishes were perfectly prepared and presented, alongside the chefs who spent time explaining to us what each dish consisted of, how it was prepared and all the organic ingredients that were used (directly from Susy’s farm and onto our table). Each one of these dishes left us all delighted, not only were we highly impressed by the quality of the food, but the organicness of it all worked directly to nourish our spirits and stomachs! If you ever there and come across these platters on the menu, do not hesitate whatsoever! Ending it all on a sweet note, the chefs surprised our palates with their Il Cheesecake ai Datter, a cheesecake made with dates, and the Lemona Trinj Tart – we’ll be going back for those soon!

For reservations and more information, please call L’Orto on 6673 3345.

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