Fresh From Saigon

Head over to Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa’s Wok restaurant for authentic, guilt-free and impossibly flavourful Vietnamese fare…

There’s not much left for us to try on our lovely little island – we’ve covered the entire culinary ground from Japanese to French and we’re always left with many talking points. But Wok has us talking a little louder than the rest. Famously Vietnamese and friendly (in the way that you’d expect), we went over to the temple-aura restaurant one Thursday evening for their night market inspired buffet where you’re greeted by steaming broths, a colourful display of noodles, chopped herbs, meat, chicken and fish galore and sumptuous sauces, setting a downtown Hoh Chi Minh City atmosphere that ignites your senses and makes you want to try everything.

One of our favourite parts of Vietnamese cuisine is the healthy factor – banana flower salad with chicken, anyone? Or how about a bean vermicelli Vietnam style salad that is crunchy and tangy, with a side crunch of smoky peanut, getting your palate ready for even more unusual pairings as you go along. Instead of your typical batter fried spring roll, you can eat guilt-free, the Vietnamese fresh spring roll with prawn (paper rolled), which is more than satisfying and garden fresh.


We indulged in a surf and turf of meats – a medium-rare tenderloin steak, a skewer of squid, charred lobster and an archetypal seabass wrapped in lettuce, garnished with coriander, sweet and sour sauce and rice noodles – the best part of the latter? It was DIY and oh so fun. All flavours harmonised very well together and made for a delicious spread.

A real and unexpected treat were the Vietnamese style chicken wings – they were both softly and densely breaded infused with herbs and as we tore into each one, the meat fell off the bone so elegantly. For a sweet-tooth satisfying dessert, a dainty pot of sweet banana cut in coconut milk with sago made for a light yet decadent dessert.

If you’re in the mood for a South East Asian fix, you cannot go wrong at Wok on their Thursday market nights. The Wok Market Night buffet is BD18 inclusive of two selected beverages (alcoholic or non alcoholic).

For more information or reservations call: 1763 6363



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