Flying High

Vhernier revisits one of its most recognisable pieces of jewellery – the Palloncino design.

When it was launched in 1995, the Palloncino single ear clip became one of Vhernier’s most loved items. The design has evolved over the years, and earrings and rings carry the iconic balloon shape in different materials.

The new collection is made in full pavé diamonds, and the new pieces include a ring and ear clip, available in white or black full pavé set in gold. The two Palloncino black and white rings, when paired together, result in a stunning look. Their ergonomic shape allows them to be worn on the same finger in opposite directions. The ear clip can be paired with a model made with diamonds the same colour, but it can also be worn with the black and white aesthetic.

Exclusively made with strictly natural stones, the pavé of the Palloncino is a demonstration of Vhernier’s artisanal expertise. Each diamond is set with precision and supported by two prongs, limiting the amount of visible metal. This procedure takes countless hours of work, but it creates an endless stream of diamonds.

The Milanese brand does not adhere to conventional codes of jewellery design. Instead, it chooses to create its own rules characterised by simple shapes, soft curves, bold dimensions, and ergonomic construction. Vhernier’s style reflects its love for sculpture, architecture and contemporary art. Materials such as rose gold with a mirror finish, non-rhodium plated white, gemstones in different nuanced colours and brilliant diamonds are part of Vhernier’s portfolio. However, they also use less traditional materials like ebony, kogolong and titanium, to create innovative jewellery. The pieces are handmade in Italy, where the brand was founded in 1984.

Vhernier collections are available at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC).

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