The bold designs of the Maison Korloff impress for their perfect balance between modernity and tradition – jewellery and watches to cherish forever.

J ewellery enthusiasts are gifted with a new shopping experience at The Avenues Bahrain. Korloff recently opened a corner inside the Trafalgar Boutique, and its striking creations can be found in a luminous and elegant area of the store. As soon as you enter, you are immersed into the brand’s world and will enjoy a unique encounter centred around diamonds, design collections, watches and accessories.

The Korloff history began with a mysterious 200-carat rough black diamond cut into an 88-carat brilliant jewel. Legend says that this exceptional gem belonged to the noble Russian Korloff-Sapojnikoff family, who passed it down as a talisman from generation to generation. It also tells that the black diamond, the Korloff Noir, brings good luck and prosperity to whoever owns it. Forty years later, it remains the brand’s symbol and source of inspiration.

The maison is a member of the Comité Vendôme and combines creativity with skilful expertise. Gold, diamonds, hard stones and mother-of-pearl, the brand works with a mix of materials and colours, and its craftsmen daringly make incredibly audacious creations. The brand offers two registered proprietary cuts on the diamond front: the octagonal Korloff Cut 73 and the Korloff Cut 88. These carvings redefine cutting limitations with their complexity, causing light to be dispersed more harmoniously than any other cut.

As an example of Korloff ’s eye-catching creations, the new Korlove Collection embodies the excellence of gold sculpture with a stylised heart motif. Pink or white gold and paved diamonds, the line is the epitome of rock and romance. The Korloff woman owns her singularity in complete freedom embracing the brand’s signature – beautifully bold jewellery

For more information on Korloff collections, please call Trafalgar Boutique at The Avenues Bahrain on 1726 2706.

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