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March is women’s month, especially those we call mum, and Dessange knows exactly how to treat women very well, as this editor discovers.

Whoever said love can’t be measured has never been pampered. Love can be measured by the nice actions and care a person receives. And who’s the individual that deserves all the consideration in the world? The one who gave you life – your mother!

March is the month to celebrate mums and all women in the world for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. And a great way to show your admiration is with feel-good gifts, such as a spectacular beauty day at Dessange. As a mum myself, I got to experience Dessange’s Mother’s Day Package 1, which includes a classic manicure and pedicure, organic hair treatment and blow-dry.

I am a working mum, and women like us don’t really get the luxury of turning off life, so we can enjoy being treated like the queens we all are. Instead, everything and everyone else comes first in our lives, long before ourselves. The good thing is that when we do take a break, we treasure these moments forever, that’s why this is the best present of all.

During these tough days that we are going through, there’s nothing better than to relax in the trusted hands of Dessange’s attentive staff. All the materials used are disposable and all the hygiene measures are in place.

I started my day being spoiled by the lovely ladies Jeany and Ashvita, the duo worked on my pedicure and manicure, respectively. Jeany asked me to wash my hands as soon as I arrived and requested me to pick the colours I wanted for my fingers and toes. I asked for her opinion and she said that because it is still winter, I should go for a dark colour for my feet and a lighter tone for my hands.

I promptly followed her advice and, because grey is one of Pantone’s colours of the year, I went for that. I just love the nail station, the long wall with all possible colours that go beyond your imagination and the big and comfy chairs, specially designed for the best experience for a simultaneous manicure and pedicure.

If you’ve ever been to Dessange you can picture these chairs and how great is the feeling of sitting on them – you do feel like a queen! The warm water on my feet, that haven’t been cared for in ages, and Jeany’s gentle touch were one of the highlights of my visit. Ashvita brought my attention to how dry my nails were and recommended solar oil to keep them hydrated, they were truly revamped after she worked on them. A perfect before and after makeover.

“After the transformation of my hands and feet, it was time to have my tresses analysed for the best natural treatment for my hair type.”

After the transformation of my hands and feet, it was time to have my tresses analysed for the best natural treatment for my hair type. I was greeted by Priyanka and Joanne, my two hair therapists for the day. Priyanka not only analysed my hair, but also gave me a lesson about the unique Dessange Shampoo Bar.

If you book a haircut or a simple blow-dry you are treated to a hair analysis, so the specialists can apply the best product for your hair type. Priyanka told me that my scalp is oily, but the rest of my hair is quite dry, and the best for me would be malachite oil and clay, with mint and lemon for my scalp to remove the accumulated oil. And a product called Laminaria was applied to the rest of the hair to protect and nourish the damaged tresses.

Joanne applied the products while Priyanka explained more. Dessange’s Shampoo Bar caters for all hair types, oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, falling hair, and damaged hair, and a combination of the right products is applied and left for some time before the wash. It’s a completely tailor-made session to tackle your specific needs. The Phytodess products contain natural ingredients and smell fabulous.

I was then taken to the wash sink, and its wonderful massage chair (another Dessange detail that you might be acquainted with). After that you can go for a blow-dry or cut but, in my case, I was lucky enough to head back to my chair again for a deep organic treatment with a mask called Tiger Nut Oil. This product contains sugar apple and almond oil and is perfect to control frizzy hair and discipline my curls. While I waited, Joanne’s angel hands massaged my shoulders and I thought I was in heaven!

After washing off the mask, it was time for the most perfect blow-dry ever. It may be the treatment that left the texture of my hair softer, or Priyanka’s wonderful skills or even the magic of this place, but for sure my, usually unruly, curly hair was bouncy and picture-perfect. The sensation of leaving this beauty sanctuary feeling my best had no price, but was, instead, measured by all the care I received. This is what every woman in the world should experience once in a lifetime, monthly or even weekly.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 1771 3999.

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