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Silver, steel, gold or diamonds: CHARRIOL women’s jewellery will complement any style, from strong and urban to romantic and refined as we found out when Coralie Charriol-Paul, their Vice President and Creative Director touched down in Bahrain and gave us an exclusive tour of the maison’s boutique.

The CHARRIOL boutique at City Centre Bahrain has been open since 2018, however this was Coralie Charriol-Paul’s first visit to Bahrain and their CHARRIOL’s City Centre Boutique therefore celebrations certainly had to ensure. The occasion was inaugurated through an international throng of friends, partners and press members with an array of dishes at an intimate lunch at Furn Bistro and Bakery, The Westin City Centre Bahrain before moving on to visit the boutique.

As we arrived the brand signature plum colour deeply glowed against light-coloured backgrounds. Functional and adaptable furniture provided a beautiful setting for presenting watches, jewels and accessories by collections or themes, in step with the seasons.. Glamour, trendy and exquisite femininity with a hint of an elegant sophistication perfectly showcase the unique personality of the brand. In its new ‘embassy’, CHARRIOL presents the entire range of its creations, intended mainly for women, but which are nonetheless mindful of men. The broad array of watches, accounting for a large proportion of sales, is complemented by jewellery collections in gold, silver or steel – original models designed by Coralie Charriol, daughter of founder Philippe Charriol (1942- 2019) – along with bags that vary from one season to another, writing instruments and other accessories highlighting the distinctive brand character. Devotees will find plenty of scope for asserting their style. These ranges of reasonably priced articles provide plenty of opportunities for impulse buying, especially this festive season.

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