A Bird In The Hand

Fabergé has introduced a new variation of its award-winning Compliquée Peacock watch. Inspired by beautiful peacock feathers, these masterpieces of wearable art are what you need to add to your ensemble.

Made in partnership with work master Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor, which specialises in the creation of complex watch mechanisms, and Master Craftsman André Martinez, an expert in miniaturist artistic painting on watch dials, the new timepieces follow the luxury watchmaker’s success at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2015, in which the Compliquée Peacock won the High-Mechanical award. Limited to 10 numbered pieces of each design – coloured and monochrome – the watch dials are unique and feature abstract art.

The new Compliquée Peacock Arte hand-etched white gold watches are true collectors’ pieces. The dials are engraved by a technique known as eauforte or etching, an intaglio print-making process dating back to the 16th century, in which an image or design is incised onto a plate using acid. Traditionally, this would be a metal plate; however, Martinez has expertly applied this technique to mother-of-pearl to create a unique appearance. This wearable piece of art is available in two colourways. On the dial, the bottom of the etched section is painted with Martinez’s lacquers in gradations of colour and then covered with a transparent lacquer to obtain a flat and taut rendering. The bold feather pattern is entirely hand-painted, which makes each piece totally unique. The same technique is applied to the monochrome dial, but here the etchings are filled with a mixture developed by Martinez, which is mainly ‘encre de Chine’ (Chinese ink) mixed with another component to prevent cracking during the drying process. This special technique also renders the watch water-resistant – the ink doesn’t dissolve in water.

Fabergé has always partnered with the finest craftspeople, in all areas of expertise, to deliver creations which capture the spirit of the brand’s past, present and future. Martinez has previously created unique hand-painted dials for the Fabergé Altruist Wilderness watches.


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