Elements of NATURE

Pasquale Bruni introduces Lunatica, a group of new collections for 2022, featuring motifs of flowers and the moon as symbols of nature. A selection of elegant designs and precious stones embraces feminine beauty and charm.

The collection gives the Made in Italy-style jewellery fans precious lifelong objects that they can wear, experience and pass on. It includes a special edition of the Petit Joli collection, which flaunts lapis lazuli stones that showcase a vivid azure hue with touches of gold, symbolising comets and celestial heavens.

The Joli Bouquet Lunaire line is adorned with adularia, the iconic white moonstone, combined with onyx, the quintessential black stone. A notable addition to this collection is the versatile bouquet ring made to be worn on three fingers featuring rose gold and a grey and white moonstone combined with onyx.

The Ton Joli has been expanded with new pieces representing the moon, flaunting green agate, symbolising the Buddhist goddess Tara, as well as lapis lazuli and white and yellowish-orange diamonds. The collection’s exquisite gold contrarié earrings amount to only 20 pieces worldwide.

The Giardini Segreti new assemblage features beautiful floral patterns. It includes an ear cuff, a petite piece that embraces the ear with a rose gold moon, a flower, and a petal embellished with diamonds. It also includes a ring for the little finger and contrarié earrings.

Inspired by designs from the 1980s, the Luna in Fiore collection features all-new pieces with an amethyst flower detail. The curved shape of the items and the use of moonstones celebrate the moon.

The Luce collection is inspired by the reflection of sunlight on water, with little diamond crescents and semi-circles embedded in rose gold representing the different phases of the moon. The pieces included are a choker, pendant earrings, a bracelet and an ear cuff.


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