Double the Joy

Pomellato’s newest addition, Pom Pom Dot, promises to double your delight with its innovative, double-sided designs.

Pomellato have introduced the Pom Pom Dot collection, a delightful new line of jewels designed to infuse happiness into everyday life. This innovative assortment features double-sided pendants and bracelets, each offering two different gemstones. The clever design allows wearers to effortlessly switch between styles, adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to their jewellery. It draws inspiration from a button, a significant component of the brand’s design heritage dating back to a 1974 gold necklace. This functional and symbolic motif is reimagined as a modern emblem of connection and protection.

The soft, round silhouette reflects this historical significance while embodying a cheerful, contemporary spirit. Pom Pom Dot showcases Pomellato’s signature use of brightly coloured gemstones and diamonds set in softly contoured rose gold. The name evokes the delight of colourful pom poms, highlighting their playful and joyful nature. Each piece is designed to mix, match and stack, bringing a refreshing sense of fun to everyday jewellery.

The collection offers three variations: green malachite paired with mother of pearl, dazzling white diamonds with mother of pearl and grey mother of pearl with white mother of pearl. A simple flip allows the wearer to choose their preferred look, making these jewels both stylish and versatile. Each and every gemstone used carries its own positive force. Malachite promotes inner peace and hope with its harmonious energy, while diamonds symbolise courage and strength. Mother of pearl is linked with well-being, offering protection and emotional balance. Grey mother of pearl signifies wisdom and patience, adding a thoughtful touch to the collection.

With the brand’s Milanese design influences, the Pom Pom Dot collection is a testament to understated elegance and expert goldsmithing. The round shape of each disc is meticulously refined, with a ‘gold thread’ running through both sides. One side features sleek rose gold, while the other is embellished with white diamonds, showcasing the brand’s attention to detail.

In addition to the pendants and bracelets, the collection includes three pairs of earrings available in malachite, diamond pavé or white mother of pearl. These earrings sit snugly on the lobe, completing the collection with a touch of sophistication.


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