Step inside Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa and experience a spectacular seawater spa hotel and resort that blends French art de vivre with traditional Bahraini elegance.

Staying at Sofitel Bahrain is all about having an experience. It is not a purely utilitarian layover hotel but a place to be, to refresh, to let the mind wander and unleash the soul. It is bright and spacious with a preponderance of marble and light fixtures. The curved sides, open windows and tessellated ceiling all reflect light and vastness to play with the sense of space around you. With its modernist Art Deco influence and consummate dedication to service, the hotel echoes the traditions and style of Middle Eastern culture whilst embracing an international flair.

As you drive up the runway to this voguish property and you see it square on from the outside, you are mesmerised by the architectural achievement that is Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa. Few hotel exteriors are as arresting as this. This hotel is as awesome architecturally on the outside as it is beautiful in design on the inside.

This was a strange and new experience because it was the first time I had checked-in somewhere since the Covid-19 virus unleashed itself on the world. Signs reminded customers to keep their social distance and staff wore masks. It is important to add that biosecurity is well practiced at the hotel. For example, all of our bags were misted down with barbicide prior to entering the premise and during check-in there was a protective screen between the attendant and I. From the outset, it is clear that the staff at Sofitel Bahrain realise that at the foundation of strong, lasting relationships is one of a personal touch alongside a high level of customer service. There is no wonder that this is the ideal luxury hotel in Bahrain for sophisticated travellers alike.

The room had some unique touches. It absolutely did not feel like a typical, standard hotel room that is easily forgettable and looks like dozens of others you may have stayed in. On the contrary, the Prestige Suite situated on the Club Floor is a work of art. The sumptuous suite is dominated by decadent embellishments and plush carpets. Spectacular window panels allow for the sun to produce a warm shimmering glow over its features. The linen is crisp and palatable to one that desires luxury. Every inch of these elegantly designed fixtures, built to world-class specifications and stylishly decorated, come complete with living and dining areas, spacious bathrooms, and individual work and relaxation areas.

The walls reflect Bahraini iconography, yet the contemporary fixtures and ornate objects are reminiscent of France. The furniture itself is modern yet traditional – a paradox of comfort. A low hanging chandelier with an incredibly intricate pattern hung from the ceiling above the dining table in the living room further alluded to the grandeur of the accommodation. The en-suite bathroom ran adjacent to the bedroom and occupied the same length. The toilet was modestly hidden in its own partition leaving the twin wash basins, shower and bath all open in a vast continuous space. The egg shaped bathtub was absolutely huge and I welcomed the mood lighting during my soak. The bed cradled the very curves of your body to allow for an all encompassing embrace, with the finest quality bed sheets and cushioning for the ultimate voyage to dream land. You cannot talk about this suite without mentioning the homage to Bahraini homes of yesteryear amongst the patterns amidst the paneling and the entwined etched beams throughout the ceilings aesthetic. The windows filled the far side of the room letting in inspirational views and a panorama of the coastal skyline, pool and luscious foliage that adorns the grounds at the Sofitel. There are 262 sea facing rooms and suites with exclusive access to the beach and pool, all with private balconies. They say good things come to those who wait, and these rooms and suites of luxury living space only concretes this particular coin of phrase.

Sofitel Bahrain boasts among the best restaurants in the city though I could not enjoy them during my stay because of the nationwide closure during the Coronavirus pandemic. That didn’t stop me enjoying their culinary offerings. The in-room dining has something for everyone. You access the dining menu by scanning the QR grid in your room, which is a notable precautionary measure. Menu items diversify its inspiration from local traditions and are infused with global herbs to create a unique menu to treat your senses, alongside boasting an array of contemporary cuisines from around the globe. Although different from attending the vast restaurants here you are still able to dine in the stunning setting of your room and combine stunning views with a memorable culinary experience. Whether you’re looking for your next caffeine fix or to whet your sweet tooth adorned with a collection of freshly baked goods, they cater to everything, literally! Our culinary journey commenced with a mezze platter, that continued as we devoured our main courses. We both decided on the succulent salmon and we weren’t disappointed as every bite proved to elevate the whole notion of melt-in-your-mouth. Now, it wouldn’t be a staycation without indulging our sweet tooth, now would it? The chocolate and lotus cakes certainly were indulged and led us into a pre-prandial state perfect for a late afternoon slumber by the beach.

“The sumptuous suite is dominated by decadent embellishments and plush carpets. Spectacular window panels allow for the sun to produce a warm shimmering glow over its features.”

After wandering through the luscious grounds to the beach, we were pleasantly surprised to see that sun loungers were spaced to allow for optimal social distancing. At the entrance an attendant guided us to secure our towels from an allocated hut and then escorted us to a vacant spot to allow for a slick operation to provide additional safety measures. Of course, being fair skinned we opted for shade under the haven of the provided umbrellas. The sand sifted through our toes and the seawater refreshed our inner child-like state as we splashed together in the calmness of the ocean current. Once we showered and dried off, we nonchalantly made our way to the pier


“The colours danced through the candy floss sky as we drank in the view, proving to be the perfect way to end the evening.”

where we enjoyed a cool drink as we watched the sunset dominate the skyline. The colours danced through the candy floss sky as we drank in the view, proving to be the perfect way to end the evening. We eventually ventured back to our room in the soft haze of the sea breeze, longing only for the comfort of our soft bed. We snuggled in and allowed ourselves to surf the cable TV that features satellite channels before venturing off into a deep slumber. I woke up feeling euphoric, certainly more refreshed than I have been in what seems like an eternity! After enjoying a selection of some hot food for breakfast as part of the in-room dining service I was extremely relaxed and the woes of the working week were but a mere memory. Whether you visit here for business or for pleasure the service here is impeccable, as you would expect from a hotel of this caliber. From arrival until departure, I felt pampered by the amazing staff and management. From doormen and receptionists to the housekeeping staff and the butlers, everyone is there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. This is Sofitel’s signature service at its best! They give you a slice of paradise and leave you wanting to come back for more.

For reservations, and more information please call 1763 6363 @sofitelbahrain

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