Embrace the Ramadan month to pay extra attention to your body as a whole. Fernanda Langhammer visited Dessange Paris Bahrain for another beautification journey.

It is incredible how our lives get so busy, and the days pass faster than we expect. It’s already April, and what have you done to take care of yourself? I know I have been doing a lot less than I should. However, my monthly visits to Dessange are a great reminder of how much I should be taking care of my body and self-esteem. For the month of Ramadan, they inspire you to exercise, tackle cellulite issues and offer you a touch of beauty with hair styling and make-up.

I arrived at Dessange on a busy Thursday morning. The villa was bursting with ladies attending the health club classes and burning calories at the wellequipped gym, entering the spa area in their fluffy robes and getting their hair and nails ready for the weekend. My first appointment was with Maja, the health club manager, who explained that they are running Dessange’s Ramadan Fit this month, a four-week weight loss challenge. Participants get a discounted rate on all health club packages to motivate and encourage them to succeed – and the winner will receive a special prize! The fitness concept starts in the InBody machine for a body analysis to see where your fitness level is at the moment.

The high-tech InBody machine is really impressive. It uses a multifrequency technology that measures body segments separately for an accurate analysis based on your unique figure. All you have to do is stand on the device, bare feet, hold the hand electrodes and, in 60 seconds, it measures the fat mass, muscle mass and body water. A result sheet is printed at the end bringing information on specific areas. With this comprehensive analysis in hand, your trainer can guide you on what type of exercise you should be focusing on.

I stepped on the machine and was a bit worried about the results I would get. I am slim, but I don’t exercise frequently, and I have to confess that I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I try to walk and jog when possible with not much success in terms of consistency. Maja analysed my sheet and said that I am not that bad but, of course, there are a few things that I could do to improve my numbers. We discussed, and I left with the feeling that now is the time to do something and start creating a habit to add more movement into my life.

The idea of participating in a challenge is pretty exciting, and both members and non-members of Dessange are welcome to take part; you just have to pay a fee. The ladies can exercise by themselves or choose to have the assistance of a Personal Trainer (if you have the time and the means, I would most definitely recommend this option, as it makes the exercising part more enjoyable and tailored to you). At the end of the four weeks, you are invited to step on the InBody machine again to see the changes. Using a special formula that considers every aspect of the results, Maja will calculate who had the best improvement. How inspiring is that?

Still in the mode of taking care of my body, I got changed into my own fluffy robe and headed to the calm spa area. Ketut, my therapist for the day, was waiting for me. I went there to experience the new Cellulite Reductive Treatment, an intriguing massage ritual that involves a lymphatic drainage hand massage and exotic wooden tools. I was curious and ready to start the 60-minute therapy dedicated to reducing cellulite, removing toxins and improving the skin texture in problematic areas.

We started by talking about my areas of concern. Again, I am slim, but because of lack of exercise, two pregnancies and ageing, you can imagine that things do need some work, mainly in my hip and bottom area. And, to be honest, I don’t really know any woman that does not suffer from cellulite. Ketut got her hands into action! She began with a lymphatic drainage massage, and I instantly felt the difference between this technique and any other I ever had. It felt like she was activating the blood flow in the area and working on the places where I have some stubborn pockets of fat.

During the massage, she used the Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil that detoxifies and softens the skin, leaving it smooth and toned. The hand massage was followed by the assistance of two wooden tools (a roller and a cup) that are part of the wood therapy concept that is centuries old and originated in Asia. Practitioners of this technique claim that it can reduce and even eliminate cellulite. Ketut was impressed to see how only the cellulite areas reacted to the wood massage, turning red. I have the habit of giving a good look to my body in the changing room, but this time I asked Ketut to take photos to see the before and after. I can say that after one session (my body must react fast to some care), we saw a significant difference in texture and looks. I was beyond impressed and would love to return for the eight recommended sessions for best results.

I was then invited to try the juice of the month called Date Night with chia seeds, banana, oats, dates and laban. A combination of ingredients that makes it a great choice to break your fast or as an energy pick-up to keep you nourished during your day. It was delicious, and as I had to go back to the office, it was the perfect light lunch.

Do you want your hair styled and need incredible make-up? You can make an appointment at the Dessange salon for your desired look. If you have a special Ramadan event or Eid celebration, the fantastic team at the salon can give you the best advice on which style to pick.

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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