Dancing Letters

Inspired by Arab culture, Chopard is adding delicate necklaces to its Happy Diamonds collection.

Chopard’s iconic Happy Diamonds collection is expanding; a new series of rose gold pendants combining dancing diamonds with 11 letters of the Arabic alphabet is now part of the dangling diamond family. The Happy Diamonds – Happy Me capsule is a tribute to one of the richest written languages in the world.

Arab culture has influenced Chopard to present its Happy Diamonds pendant in an exclusive line honouring the Arabic writing system. Letters symbolise interpersonal communication and the development of modern civilisations. With this capsule, Chopard recalls its bond to this ancient culture, synonymous with knowledge, enlightenment and openness to the world.

The designs bring a pendant in ethical 18-carat rose gold graced with a perfectly round shape symbolising wisdom, also made of ethical 18-carat rose gold and topped with a diamond. At the heart of the circle, two sapphire crystals set the stage for the three dancing diamonds, and a letter-charm in ethical 18-carat rose gold completes the jewellery pieces. The symbols correspond to the first letters of the most popular Arabic female names: Alif, Shīn, Sīn, Dāl, Khā, Fā, Hā, Nūn, Mīm, Lâm and Yā’. Together they twirl in a dance of joy, imparting a resolutely feminine style.

Chopard collections are available at Chopard Boutique, Moda Mall.
For more information, please call 1752 0088.

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