CUT BY WOLFGANG PUCK at FOUR SEASONS HOTEL BAHRAIN BAY embraces you with its infectious energy and always leaves you satisfied and their Friday Brunch certainly continues this mantra.

I defy anyone to arrive at at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay and not be utterly entranced. Unequivocally the most awe inspiring, voguish structure both by day and night. It sits regally upon its own private island. Needless to say, that filling this majestic hotel with suitably chic dining experiences was a walk in the park for renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck. CUT is all about the incredible fayre produced by its kitchen and the added bonus being the outrageous views that diners are afforded across the gulf and the city.

In order to describe the décor and ambience of the restaurant I will coin an analogy from fashion. Some outfits are timeless and can be dressed up or dressed down depending upon the occasion. This can also be said for CUT. The attention-todetail, fine glassware and crockery, even for Brunch all enhance the overall dining experience.

Brunch is served every Friday between 12pm and 3:30pm, but from the moment we arrived until the moment we grudgingly departed, we didn’t once feel that this resembled the usual brunch experience in any way. Perhaps this is due to the formula applied, where diners choose 10 dishes per couple and they are delivered to your table by attentive, knowledgeable hosts who kept an unobtrusive watch on our progress and didn’t bring additional dishes unless they sensed we were ready to progress.

The menu is divided into five tantalising sections. ‘From the sea’ offers the most modish dishes alongside classic staples such as Ceviche, Scallop Crudo and Pan Seared Black Bass. It hardly feels necessary to point out that each dish we sampled was prepared perfectly and presented in ways that didn’t just make the dishes even more appetising, but deterred us from dismantling or demolishing such exquisite staging right away.

The beauty of choosing brunch is that many of the dishes appear on the fine dining menu daily, yet in this context you’re able to easily share with your companions. ‘Grilled over Hard Wood and Charcoal’ had me salivating before my eyes could make their way down the list of options. Organic Chicken Satay, Prime Beef Sliders served in brioche buns with house made pickles, Steak Frites with sauce bearnaise and fresh arugula are just a sample of the smoky and seared sensations. The flavours of each meat are not overpowered by the kiss of wood smoke and the quality transcends anything I have experienced before. At regular buffet style brunches, I would have been jostling with fellow diners at this station, but not here as I was asked my preferences as to how they should be cooked and they delivered accordingly. No queuing, no delays.

‘Pasta and More’ is certainly an understatement. The Cavatappi Pasta ‘Mac & Cheese‘ was a triumph of all things ‘comfort food’ . It was indulgent, creamy and the pasta even retained some bite. The bolognaise was not simply ‘bolognaise’ but Veal Bolognaise accompanied by the best Parmesan Cheese obtainable. Every element was constructed of the best ingredients and to a standard that can only be enjoyed here at CUT.

‘Chef Wolfgang’s Favourites’ are now not only Chef Wolfgang’s favourites but mine too. The prime steak tartare was rich and almost creamy in texture with accents of sharpness and acidity in all the right places. It was a festival of flavours in the mouth. On this occasion I decided to challenge myself and order a dish which I never would consider under these circumstances. Buttermilk Fried Chicken, synonymous with down home cooking surely couldn’t be gourmet, could it? My gamble certainly paid off as this wasn’t just home cooking, it was home cooking at Wolfgang’s house! The chicken was unfeasibly moist and sweet which was offset by the sourness of the buttermilk. The coating was spicy and had an unbelievable ‘crunch’. Each dish in this section of the menu was one which your mother or grandmother may have cooked for you and this familiar, homely feeling added to our sense of enjoyment.

It was the best-timed pause in proceedings that I have ever experienced before ‘The Sweets’ were delivered to us. We mourned all that had gone before, wishing we could repeat every single course but our spirits were lifted by the encore. Decadence in the form of salted caramel brownie with Dulce de Leche ice cream and Medjool Date Cake were complemented by the unexpected in the form of Banana Sorbet and Apple Lemongrass Mille-Feuille. It was in this area that the brilliance of the minds of those behind this menu most impacted upon us.

There is no way that I would hesitate to recommend Brunch at CUT by Wolfgang Puck unreservedly but I do feel it necessary to issue a warning with this. Visit once and you will be certain to return.

“The flavours of each meat are not overpowered by the kiss of wood smoke and the quality transcends anything I have experienced before.”

For reservations or more information, please call 1711 5044
@cutbahrain @fsbahrain

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