The Holy Month is a moment of reflection and colours play an important role during this period. We’ve selected a few hues that are frequently worn during Ramadan and Eid.

Light shades are very popular during this time for their characteristic of not standing out and blending with nature. This Nature Hedonist set in light blue is made of natural materials, which are the perfect textiles for warmer months.

According to Muslim scholars, white is the colour that makes everyone equal. These Missoni trousers will help you create a white look from head to toe.

Purple symbolises wealth, wisdom and dignity; it is also associated with twilight, the time Muslims break their fast. This Max Mara Studio top has a loose cut, which is perfect also to embrace the ethos of modest wear.

Yellow is often worn during Eid celebrations, as it represents happiness, remembrance, honour and joy. This Serapian handbag, in this vivid shade, will add a vibrant touch to your Eid looks.

The holiest colour in Islam is, without a doubt, green. You can opt for an entire verdant outfit or choose some green shoes, such as these comfortable slip-ons from Loro Piana. They are a great pick for casual gatherings with family and friends.

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