Sometimes we need to pause our busy everyday lives, say no to commitments, and go for a spa day. OHLALA’s Fernanda Langhammer did just that! She enjoyed an unwinding session at Cocoon Wellness Spa at Hilton Bahrain.

For all spa and wellness lovers, there is a new destination on the island: Cocoon Wellness Spa at Hilton Bahrain. The brand is a well-known medical spa from Bali and it is bringing all its knowledge and technology to treat skin conditions, focused on anti-ageing therapies, to Bahrain.

The treatments offer complexion rejuvenation, lifting and firming. They combine advanced techniques to safely target different layers of the skin. The brand uses radio frequency and LED red light technologies to create change and improvement at the cellular level. However, if you prefer an instant glow without machines, you can opt for their curated holistic facials to smooth and hydrate. The brand also offers a whole range of products for the body and face to continue the treatment at home to maintain the results.

The OHLALA team was invited to try some of the therapies and I was the lucky girl to get a pampering spa day. Hilton Bahrain is located in Juffair and is easy to access; the views of the water are magnificent. The spa area is on the sixth floor and the reception is inviting with a modern sofa and chandelier in tones of gold, sand and blue. The lovely spa manager, Ercie, was there to welcome me into this relaxing retreat. She explained the concept behind Cocoon Wellness Spa, introducing me to the exciting treatments offered.

My therapist for the day, Kryz, escorted me to the treatment room, a cosy space equipped with machines for the body and face. The nice smell was subtle and I really enjoyed the fact that there was no music playing. I know it might sound like a tiny detail, but entering a calm room with a pleasant smell and pure silence was perfect.

Inside the room, there was a shower area and a place to leave my clothes and belongings. Kryz gave me a fluffy robe and asked me to get changed. She then explained that I was going to be indulged with the Signature Gold Massage, which involves a body massage and facial treatment.

We started with the body. I laid down on the warm bed and Kryz gently cleaned my feet with a hot towel. I understood at that moment that it was going to be an amazing time and that I needed it more than I knew. I have cold feet (my feet are always freezing for some reason) and the warm sensation was comforting. She then started the massage. The Cocoon body massage is based on Balinese techniques, and it works with pressure points that help your body fully relax and improve circulation. I could feel immediately that my body was pleased to receive such care. The end of the month is always busy with deadlines approaching, and tension follows me during this period. Kryz noticed that I needed extra help with my knots and added some stretching into the process. I truly appreciate when the therapists give a personalised touch, catering to each client’s needs.

After the whole-body massage and the fact that Kryz removed all the figurative extra weight I was carrying (it did feel like she removed a massive weight from my back that I didn’t even notice piling up there), we moved on to the facial treatment. She began by cleansing my complexion, then applied oil and gave me a lymphatic massage to activate the muscles and improve circulation. The next step was exfoliation and time to use the Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial machine. She started with the ionic spray pen that makes the hyaluronic acid penetrate deeper with the help of water, also hydrating the skin. She then used the highfrequency shovel knife to remove dead skin and blackheads (she gave extra attention to my nose area, the result was impressive!). It was time for toner and a mask. While the mask was acting, she gave me a wonderful head massage. The treatment was finalised with serum and cream using the ultrasonic probe for fast absorption. Kryz gave me a mirror and the difference in my skin texture was very noticeable. My skin was also glowing and not looking tired and dull as when I entered the room. Thank you, Cocoon, for the treatments, and Kryz, for your magical hands!

I left the spa with some products to maintain the fantastic results the therapy has given to my complexion. But it was not time to say bye just yet. Ercie invited me to try the Deluxe manicure and pedicure at the Cocoon salon area on the seventh floor. Bandana, the nail specialist, took me to the clean and bright space. I sat in a big, comfortable chair with a special pedicure bowl attached, and she started with my feet – cleaning, massaging, filing and cuticle care.

Meanwhile, Elsie joined us to take care of my manicure. Both ladies gave me extra foot and hand massages; it was just the cherry on top! My feet were in bad shape and Bandana managed to make them soft. We chose a pinkish nail polish that matched well with my skin tone. It was then time to say goodbye to the professional and marvellous team at Cocoon Wellness Spa.

Self-care is sometimes undervalued and I frequently postpone or put it last on my list of priorities. However, this spa day taught me that I should care more for myself. I will come back!

Cocoon Wellness Spa offers three packages to help you embrace self-care and share experiences with loved ones. Unwind and create unforgettable memories.

Work your way up to looking and feeling your absolute best – just in time for the wedding season! This package comprises the high results of Cellulite Fat Blaster (focused on three areas of your choice), a Hydra Facial, body scrub and a full body massage with optimal wax or threading.

GOLD PACKAGE (3.5 hours – BD160)
Enjoy a one-hour massage with a divine 30-minute Hydra Facial, a one-hour professional manicure and pedicure, plus exclusive access to the luxe facilities such as steam, sauna and Jacuzzi (towels, slippers and robes provided), all complemented with light refreshments and drinks. Feeling sensational is just moments away!

SILVER PACKAGE (2.5 hours – BD 100)
This one is for everyone, anytime – hens, birthdays and all magical occasions! Receive a 45-minute bespoke massage followed by a 45-minute manicure or pedicure, plus replenishing steam and sauna time in the luxe hydrotherapy facilities. It includes light refreshments and drinks. Feel great, look amazing!

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call or WhatsApp Cocoon Wellness Spa at Hilton Bahrain on 3817 0088.

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