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Bahrain’s Chef Juan of BMMI Alosra and Restaurants shares a distinctly Mediterranean dish perfect for a dinner party this summer. Enter the competition (details at the end) to win a private cooking lesson with Chef Juan and an Alosra supermarket gift voucher…

Chef Joan


Beef Flamenquin stuffed with roasted bell red peppers with Cecina and Cabrales sauce

Serves 4 Portions
560g beef filet
120g “Cecina”
400g red peppers
80g “Cabrales” cheese
50g butter
150ml double cream
400g onion
100g black olives
90g pistachios
Bread crumbs
Pasteurised egg
Olive oil

For The Garnish:

  • Cut the onion julienne and roast with butter for 12 hours adding water and mixing it but don’t let it burn, only until it goes brown and soft. Reserve.
  • Dry the previously sliced black olives at 80 degrees for one night.
  • Dry the pistachios at 60 degrees to keep the colour for 20 hours, mince until you get a green powder (you may need to add some bread crumbs).
  • Mix both powders.

For The Flamenquin:

  • Cut the previously cleaned beef filet into thin slices, place the slices between two sheets of cling film and flatten with a hammer till you get a thin slice of meat. Reserve.
  • Burn the red peppers straight into the flame till completely black and soft, keep it in a film till cold. Peel them and slice into stripes. Reserve.
  • Cut the Cecina into thin slices.
  • In the middle of each meat slice, allocate three slices of Cecina, six stripes of red pepper and roll it into a cylinder. Pass them through flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Reserve.

For The Sauce:

  • Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the double cream. When it boils add the Cabrales cheese till you get a thick sauce.

Finishing and Plating:

  • Deep fry the beef flamenquin till gold in olive oil heated at 160c, cut each roll into 5 pieces, present in a plate topped with the sauce and garnished with a line of caramelized onions and a line of powders.


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