Modest Fashion Brand LEEM takes over The Gulf.

Playful street style, avant-garde experimentation, and high-end luxe with a vengeance — these creations from Leem open a door on modest sensibilities that are as up-to-the minute as mainstream fashion. Just not as hourglass. Or as bare. Now THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. After all, ‘Modesty is the highest elegance’.

The brand, which specialises in fashion-forward modest wear, has taken over the Gulf region over the past year, opening stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and Bahrain.

Ohlala is all about ‘The Modern Middle Eastern Woman’ and the ‘Essence of Style’ and since Leem’s high-end yet moderately-priced collections target the region’s fashion conscious women – that seek conservative or modest wear with global appeal – it’s now become a firm favourite in our fashion archives. When you step in-store to witness Leem firsthand you cannot help but drink in and unearth the wide selection of fashionable, modern and affordable clothing; one that is unparalleled in its design ethos and concept.

The rotation of the collection’s adhere to Middle Eastern tradition as Leem’s Ramadan collection featured a colourful assortment of beautifully designed outfits inspired by traditional women wear, such as the Jalabiya, but with a modern twist that left the garments in a striking plethora of style. In addition to that, the collection also features a Mommy & Me line, allowing mothers and daughters to dress up in matching dresses for the most celebrated occasions. Move over Kim Kardashian and North.

Now, taking into account the particular season we are in, Leem’s Eid collection pays as much attention to this factor as to the design itself. The brand has truly thought of all eventualities. It has considered that the outfits featured in this collection would be worn in the summer, and would therefore have to be light and airy. The Eid capsule also features practical and casual pieces for everyday wear that are perfect for travel, in addition to exquisite accessories and scarfs. Talk about luxury on the go!



These particular times of year are abundant with family gatherings and societal integration and can prove a struggle to find the perfect ensemble. It is the ideal occasion for every woman to look her best in modern outfits that adhere to customs and traditions which Leem caters to in bountiful amounts.

Now, we cannot talk about Leem and not talk about THAT recently launched flagship capsule Spring/Summer 2019 collection… showcasing Leem at its best, offering both bold and striking colours as well as calm and neutral ones, allowing for seamless and stylish integration of the hijab as a fashion statement as part of the overalllook. The collection also features more creative outfits, integrating African print inspiration as well as colour contrast pieces which are showcased across the fashion scene. As a brand, they are not only switched-on with their execution of design but they exude a savvy prowess.

Leem is without-a-doubt modest fashion redefined. With continuous contemporary collections releasing every few months, made up of a wide selection of outfits and accessories, including turbans and earrings, Leem is the long-awaited answer to the modern, conservative woman’s wishes. Louder for the women in the back!


HAYAT MALL: +966 0112056980
RIYADH PARK: +966 0112067544

MIRDIFF CITY CENTER: +971 042860555
MERCATO +971 0434322

CITY CENTRE BAHRAIN: +973 17840221


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