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Get skin that’s youthful, hydrated and energised with CHANEL’s RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING ESSENCE LOTION and RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING BODY SERUM-IN-MIST – new additions to the N°1 DE CHANEL line.

With the N°1 DE CHANEL line, the House of CHANEL takes a holistic approach to beauty, paving the way for a new generation of anti-ageing products that are effective, eco-responsible and enjoyable, all at once. After 10 years of experimentation in the field of senescence (the process of deterioration with age) in collaboration with the University of Vienna, CHANEL has brought to light the remarkable revitalising benefits of the red camellia flower extract. N°1 DE CHANEL marks the very first time that this extract, enriched with protocatechuic acid, has been incorporated into the brand’s skincare products.

Day-Long Hydration

The frosty-hued texture of the RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING ESSENCE LOTION becomes a water-like gel on contact with the skin. Enriched with camellia water, it offers freshness and is absorbed almost instantly, offering a feeling of hydration that lasts throughout the day. Enriched with niacinamide and red camellia extract, this lotion visibly diminishes signs of ageing, reduces the skin’s imperfections and restores its youthful glow.

Apply with the palms of the hands: prior to application, perform stretching movements on the forehead lines, eye area and smile lines. Apply to the entire face, smoothing outwards. Next, use the thumbs and index fingers to perform twisted pinching movements, first from the jaw up to the ears, then from the corners of the mouth to the ears and finally from the sides of the nose to the ears. Repeat these pinching movements on the décolleté.

Energised, Youthful Skin

The REVITALIZING BODY SERUM-IN-MIST is a milky-textured mist that leaves a comforting and energising protective veil on the skin. The lightweight texture of this product feels like a cloud of fine mist on the skin. Enriched with camellia water, it delivers a refreshing sensation on application, while the oil phase releases the rich benefits of the formula’s active ingredients into the skin. Through a combination of the nourishing and soothing powers of red camellia oil and the freshness of camellia water, it tones the skin and helps preserve its youthful appearance.

For best results spray the product into the hand before applying or apply directly on the skin. It’s suitable for the entire body morning and night. Before applying, perform twisted pinching movements on the décolleté, arms and legs with your thumb and index finger, then apply working downward and in the same direction as blood flow.


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