OHLALA’s Fernanda Langhammer visited Dessange Paris Bahrain to indulge in the Sweet Serenity Package – an ode to relaxing and repairing your back, face, hair and nails.

March is the month when we celebrate women and Dessange has created the perfect gift for some of the most valuable women in our lives – our mums! The Sweet Serenity Package brings specially curated treatments. The fantastic pampering session starts at the spa with a wonderful back massage and Dessange Express Facial and moves to the salon for a manicure and KEVIN.MURPHY hair treatment.

As a mum myself, I felt that this selection of therapies hit the right spot and I was excited to press pause and embrace all the love and care that the Dessange team has to offer. The smiley ladies at the reception handed me my locker key. As I know their beautiful villa very well, I went to get myself changed into their super comfy robe and fluffy slippers to start my queen’s session (because, of course, I am the queen of my little home kingdom).

I stepped inside the spa area, and Erci, my therapist, waited for me. I met Erci a while ago and was excited to have her treating me once again. The therapy room was beautifully decorated with an orchid, dim lights and serene music. We started with the back massage that involves aromatic and hand therapy. But before I relaxed on the warm bed, she gave me three oils to choose from. She told me to use my senses to pick the right smell that would tackle what my body and mind were in need of. I chose the calming scent (as I believe most mums will!). The other options are balancing and uplifting aromas. The calming oil was applied to my back, and the same scent emanated into the air.

I laid down and Erci started with the most thorough back massage I have ever had, dealing with all my back issues – removing the knots and loosening my stiff muscles. I felt the tension leaving this troubled area, and the scent just enhanced the experience. After 30 minutes, she asked me to turn and it was time for my facial therapy.

The treatment started with a double cleansing with Dessange’s Make-up Remover Balm and Velvet Cleansing Milk. Dessange’s own skincare line focuses on natural ingredients and gentle formulas. An exfoliation mask with enzymatic action called Instant de Beauté was then applied to remove the dead cells, followed by the toning step with Perle de Beauté with cotton extract in its formula. Toners are essential to neutralise any product that has been applied previously. A PhytoDess serum with essential oils was chosen to nourish my dry skin. The exciting thing about this specific product is that it can be used on the face and scalp. Erci then used Dessange’s rose quartz roller for a cool sensation in precise movements that helped the serum penetrate my complexion. The next step was the clay mask applied with a soft brush. While the clay worked its wonders, Erci gave me a delightful scalp and neck massage. After removing the mask, she used a nourishing and soothing cream, the Dessange SOS Réconfort. My skin was ready to embrace all the goodness in this comfortable moisturiser.

When Erci told me that our hour together was finished, I felt it was faster than I wanted, but I was feeling renewed. My back was lighter, my skin was supple and I was not done yet. I headed to the salon to get my manicure done. Dessange is all about taking care of you as a whole, and after leaving the spa, they always offer you a fantastic ginger tea with some juicy fruits in a cute little pot. I have to confess that I am pretty addicted to this special treat and look forward to it after my visits. It is a small detail that makes me really happy every time.

This month, you also find the Serenity smoothie in the juice bar. A protein shake that uses vanilla or chocolate as its base and can be combined with banana, mixed red fruits, peanut butter and whatever flavours you like the most. I enjoyed a vanilla shake with red berries, and it was delicious! It served as an energy booster, helping me continue with my busy day. While sipping my tea and tailor-made juice, Rachel, my nail therapist, asked me how I wanted my nails filed, and I asked her which shape would suit my hands best, as she is the nail expert, and we went for a square style. She fixed my cuticles and massaged my hands and lower arm, which was extremely pleasant. I opted for nude nail polish, and my hands, not just the nails, looked brand new.

A hair treatment with KEVIN.MURPHY weightless products is also part of the package. The brand aims to deliver performance, strength and longevity. It combines hi-tech scientific knowledge with efficient natural ingredients. Carefully selected vitamins and amino acids help repair and thicken the look of hair and restore damaged, split ends. Nourishing, moisturising agents from mango and murumuru butter help smooth the cuticles and soften the hair from root to tip. While extracts from exotic ingredients such as Peruvian bark, baobab, bamboo and orange blossom impart moisture and infuse the hair with their beneficial goodness. The Dessange team will analyse your tresses and scalp to choose the most suitable products for your hair type.

Treat your mum, a special woman in your life or even gift yourself this recharging package. I can say that you will step outside Dessange and back to your daily life in a much better state – feeling relaxed and beautiful.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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