Carolina Herrera x INFEMS International Women’s Day 2022

As part of its ongoing mission to empower women, Carolina Herrera is proud to announce that it has partnered with INFEMS (Intersectional Feminist Art Collective) on a very special project.

Commissioned in honour of International Women’s Day, the House reveals its very first NFT collection: ‘Nightclubbing’. Inspired by the brand’s icons, it showcases the five trailblazing female artists who founded INFEMS and is set to be sold on the digital NFT platform Open Sea with all proceeds going to Fundació Ared. A physical exhibition will also be held at M&C Saatchi Group headquarters from March 1 to March 11. When Carolina Herrera launched her eponymous brand in 1981 in New York, the odds were stacked against her. Fashion was a man’s game, and she was told it would never last. Now, it’s time to pay it forward for a new generation. 100% of the profits raised from this art project will be donated to Fundació Ared, whose mission is to support women at high risk of exclusion, who come out of prisons or are in the care of social services. By promoting their autonomy through education, training, and comprehensive support, they empower them to enter the labour market and thus reintegrate fully into society, values shared and championed by Carolina Herrera and INFEMS. Founded by an eclectic group of women in the arts in London in 2020, the collective seeks to create a potent international network that raises up women and girls from diverse backgrounds in all aspects of their creative endeavours, encouraging them to express their stories and engage with the Arts.

Created especially for this collaboration by the founding members of the collective, their respective NFT artworks explore themes of mythology, self-love, identity, and representation, all seen from the female perspective. Adelaide Damoah Working at the intersection of painting and performance within the context of colonialism, identity, sexuality and spirituality, British-Ghanaian artist Adelaide’s piece is titled Flesh of the Goddesses. A one-off body print performance that explores themes of identity and self, the NFT consists of a video of the performance, a digital photograph of the work on canvas and exclusive content. Roxana Halls British figurative painter Roxana, whose work reflects on the interplay of gender, class, sexuality and spectatorship, explores the intoxicating freedom of the city at night with her NFT titled Pulse Points. Consisting of an image taken from a painting, its unlockable content features a sound recording of her artworks’ two protagonists laughing as they advance through the nocturnal city streets, high heels in hand, making a subtle reference to the Good Girls perfume bottle which is shaped like a stiletto. Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf Rebecca’s piece titled, Fruit and Flies Mirrors and Veils consists of an animated image depicting her contemporary take on Caravaggio’s iconic Narcissus, with unlockable video content of ‘Narcissus’ trapped in this Australian-with-European-origins own reflection, which Carolina Herrera x INFEMS International Women’s Day 2022 she eventually shatters nodding to the broken glass that inhabits the Carolina Hererra Good Girls universe.

Marie-Anne Mancio Marie-Anne trained as an artist in interdisciplinary practice before gaining a DPhil and subsequent MPhil in Creative Writing. Her piece titled Chameleon consists of an animated poem with sound, written exclusively for Carolina Herrera, which celebrates an idyllic night on a New York roof terrace and the joy of being carefree. The unlockable content of this British artist features an unseen video of the author revealing the true story behind the poem and an A1 giclee print. Wendy Elia Figurative painter Wendy is of Anglo-Greek Cypriot descent. Her piece titled, We Are All Goddesses Now explores themes of lunar magic, mystical rebirth, and life force. Along with an animated painting, her NFT also includes unlockable content of an Irish folk song, specially recorded by her daughter Madeleine, the model portrayed in the piece. Supported by global creative agency

M&C Saatchi Group and principal patron of London’s renowned Saatchi Gallery, the collaboration is set to be physically exhibited at the agency’s London headquarters from March 1 to March 11 and will serve as a deep dive into the inspirations and processes behind each of these digital works of art. Founded on a shared mission to celebrate and elevate female creativity, the M&C Saatchi Group seeks to deepen access to contemporary art whilst broadening learning opportunities for young people in the UK and worldwide as part of their strategy to deliver meaningful change.

The exhibition will run alongside a series of events in celebration of International Women’s Day hosted by the company’s Equals network, who aim to equalize the gender experience and represent women and non-binary people across the organization. In 2014, Puig, Carolina Herrera’s parent company, took up the challenge of becoming a benchmark for social commitment. With this goal in mind, the Invisible Beauty project was launched through its Foundation to promote initiatives with a huge impact on society and the environment. Fundació Ared was one of the organizations chosen by Puig employees to participate in the 7th edition of Invisible Beauty’s Makers program, which supports and promotes the entrepreneurial excellence of people who are already implementing innovative strategies with a notable societal impact. Through programs like these, the House of Herrera is committed to financially supporting women’s higher education and access to culture in order to empower them and give them the keys to a brighter future.

Carolina Herrera, empowering women since 1981.

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