A mansion in high summer, an 80s sports car parked in front of it, and an elegant aristocratic dog on guard: the mood is set for the BY FAR Cruise’22 collection.

A spirit of energy, freedom and provocation is encouraging confidence and enjoyment in every move, gesture or sight. How we missed the elegance and glamour. It is high time to replace comfort with rebellion, to inspire sophistication in the youth. Playing on scale, exploring the meaning of colours enriched by texture accents, BY FAR is presenting a collection of boundless possibilities and positivity.

Dedicated to seducing all senses, BY FAR’s design team plays with textures and hues with no limitations on their imagination. Grained and gloss grained leathers, embossed with crocodile and geometric prints, crafted with semi patent and creased finish – each material has a unique tactile touch, scent and sound. The colours ignite feelings and memories. Together they create a symphony of emotions imprinted on each style. For the pioneering spirits, there are adventures in detail like perforated suede or patchwork leather to try an air de jamais-vu.

In the CR’22 vocabulary, micro stands for more – more lightness, more spontaneity, more fun, more style. BY FAR new micro bags will not ft much but will never get in the way on the dancefloor, will not need an additional seat at the bar and will surely have a great impact on one’s sartorial credibility.

BY FAR’s soft spot for a throwback shoulder style has inspired a furry of new admirers. From bags that are as cushy as loungewear to elegant staples or cool-girl baguettes, there is little reason not to cradle one of these under your shoulder.

Initiate urban tales with BY FAR’s take on tagging! Bold logos and discreet branding are both having a moment in CR’22. For the ones that keep it subtle when it comes to fashion labels, the BY FAR is printed in micro fonts on different types of hardware. For the logomaniacs, the oversized BF leaps from box bags to knitwear making itself impossible to miss. The logo is the main event in the new line of all-season lightweight scarves. Since logomania is going nowhere, these statement pieces are the best way to broadcast one’s love of the brand while being surprisingly subtle, even understated.

When it comes to confidence, she follows no rules but her own. She knows that a power outfit does not always begin with a great pair of heels… except, of course when it does. Dressing up is a thing again, and BY FAR is welcoming it with heeled sling-backs and sleek mules – perfect for this exciting return to glam. There is confidence in comfort as well! From fat sandals to platforms and easy slip-on slides, the best summer shoes are suited for every re-emerging occasion.

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