Botanical Touch

Le Lift, a line of high-performance skincare, has been created by Chanel and it invites women to retake control of their beauty, at any time and regardless of their age.

Today, women want their appearance to reflect their true selves. The best face at every age is the goal and, instead of fighting time, they want to reveal and embrace their natural beauty. This positive attitude boosts confidence and meets today’s women’s needs, so, Chanel created Le Lift, a line of high-performance skincare.

The collection promises to unite modernity, efficacy and sensory awareness with no compromises. All this is thanks to botanical ingredients in effective concentrations and hightolerance formulas focused on nature. The Le Lift Sérum combines alfalfa and black peppermint to smooth and firm, to protect and strengthen the skin in a single step. The black peppermint used is grown with sustainable agriculture methods in the Drôme region of France. Chanel uses its signature technology, PolyFractioning, to extract the plant’s quintessence.

This results in a pure and potent infusion enriched with rosmarinic acid, a natural and impressive antioxidant. The formulation is effective on all skin oxidation targets and dosed to ensure maximum efficacy. A highly natural and sensorial formula composes the serum with 93-percent natural-origin ingredients.

A duo of hyaluronic acid and plant-based glycerin is added to deliver a sensation of freshness and hydration that sets in with each application. And a biopolymer, extracted from manioc, helps to firm the skin and immediately smooth the features. You can find the Le Lift Sérum in 30ml and 50ml bottles.

Booster Application Technique

Before applying your skincare, prepare the complexion with an energetic massage. Using your fingertips, one hand after the other, perform alternating movements. Start with the jawline, then move on to the cheekbone, temple and finally forehead. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the face. Your skin will then be ready to apply the serum and follow on with your skincare routine.


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