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Anine Bing is one to watch. The L.A. dwelling , Scandinavian native is a style influencer who can balance it all . Her world consists of many roles: mother, designer, blogger and all round fabulous person – she’s our kind of woman. Among her many collections is her jewellery line which celebrates her minimalist roots. We talk to the ethereal, can-do-anything designer about her inspiration for her jewellery and the main differences between Scandinavian and Middle Eastern style…

Anine Bing

How did you go from blogger to full-fledged brand?
It has been a natural step combining the two worlds. When I started the
brand I used social media to promote it and throughout the years the
collection has grown into becoming a full-scale brand.

Why do you think barely-there jewellery has as much appeal as it’s got?
I love to layer jewellery and with delicate pieces it’s possible to wear
multiple rings, bracelets and necklaces. It gives room to be playful with
your jewellery, which I really like.


What was the inspiration for your jewellery collection?
My grandmother loved jewellery and she has always been a great source of
inspiration for me. I also love going to flea markets to look for vintage pieces.

What are your key pieces from the collection?
I’m in love with the beaded necklace from this year’s autumn collection. It adds so much personality to an outfit. Another piece that I really enjoy is the gold ring with a diamond star – I wear it on my pinkie finger.


“I feel jewellery is like the icing on the cake to an outfit and that a great piece of jewellery can make a simple outfit stand out”


What similarities are there, do you think, between Scandinavian and Middle Eastern fashion?
I feel like both people from Scandinavia and the Middle East have really proud historic cultures that we like to showcase through fashion. We are thorough with the fabrics we use and how we combine and layer different silhouettes and textures.

Why do you think Middle Eastern women will take to your minimalist
I’m proud of the high quality and the fact that all pieces are handcrafted
here in L.A. I also think that the design is appealing and that they are easy
to mix in with other jewellery pieces.

What’s the main difference in designing clothes versus jewellery in terms
of the process and how much you enjoy it?
I love them both equally. I feel jewellery is like the icing on the cake to an
outfit and that a great piece of jewellery can make a simple outfit stand
out. The process is quite similar in the sense that I start by creating a mood
board with pieces that I would like to be included in the line. My team
and I put together sketches and show them to our local jeweller who then
makes samples that I can try on and make changes to. Once approved we
go into production and launch on the website.

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