Birds of a Feather

Inspired by natural shades and the beauty of some of the most graceful birds in the world, Garrard is presenting its newest collection – Wings Embrace Tropical.

Garrard are breaking new ground with the launch of their latest collection, championing the varied colours of the rainbow to encapsulate a ‘bright and bold elegance’. Wings Embrace Tropical is inspired by the diversity of natural hues and has adopted the ombre style to capture nature’s wonderful array of changing colours and their seamless wave of transition. Fitted in a wing design, the flow of colours is captured exquisitely with delicate gemstones and classic diamonds.

Honouring nature and the animal kingdom, the openwork winged designs are named after some of the most beautiful birds. The phoenix, for instance, is known as a mythical bird being reborn from its own ashes, encapsulated in the set with the same name, featuring bright orange and yellow sapphires. The flamingo, a bird easily spotted in the region during wintertime, is the name given to the pink set of winged jewellery with a ripple of pink rubies and sapphires. The peacock is known for its dazzling explosion of greens and blues, perfectly captured in the set with the same name, presenting a fusion of light aquamarine gems and dark garnets. The dove, representing purity and peace, is caught in the fourth set, with simple yet endlessly charming diamonds. Next, the raven can be seen through dark ebony diamonds contrasted with white diamonds. Lastly, birds of paradise, whose various hues are shown in the set called ‘Paradise’ through pink sapphires and gorgeous violet and azure sapphires.

For more information on Garrard collections available at Asia Jewellers Boutique in Moda Mall, please call 1753 5344.

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