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In an ideal world, the lines around our eyes would signify time well spent laughing, smiling and loving life but, in reality, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness are not a look most would choose. The delicate skin surrounding

the eye is the thinnest on the whole body which lacks sebaceous glands and collagen, which is why this area is particularly susceptible to signs of ageing, and there is only so much beauty sleep can do for you. This is where Dessange steps forward, in all of her perfectly preened glory.

After mindlessly scrolling through Instagram I couldn’t help but stop and pause @dessangebahrain ‘s InstaStory where they highlighted a selection of products for pick-up which instantaneously forced me into a shopping frenzy, or rather investment buying which I recited to my husband. So, first up on my beauty agenda

– after applying my usual toner – was Dessange’s ÂGE PERFECTION eye and lip rejuvenating cream. Talk about setting a precedent! This must-have elixir combats dehydration around the eyes using moisturising active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid microspheres and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This dynamic duo of ingredients combine to produce long-lasting hydration and blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now, there’s always an architect in the group and the African mahogany bark extract that’s infused in this cream is no different as it brings suppleness, elasticity and a smoothing effect to the skin. Gentle, soothing and cooling to apply, it has a fresh feeling which makes eyes feel instantly perkier. It’s gentle enough for contact lens wearers too!

While many of us are not very keen on the word “anti-ageing” in any beauty product, it is what we all google when wanting to discover the best of what’s out there for complexions needing something extra as we get older. But, let’s reframe it and call it slow ageing. Think of every age spot as a sunny holiday you’ve been lucky enough to go on. Those laughter lines and creases around your mouth are thanks to years of happiness and spending time with family and friends. Appreciate your face as a life lived fully…. But, we do still want to look the very best we can at whatever age, and Dessange’s RÉVÉLATION JEUNESSE global anti-ageing day and night cream certainly adds that all important ‘oomph’ to your moisturiser rituals. After thorough cleansing and toning, both of these creams offer the skin a new breath of life! The perfect association to protect the

skin during the day and to comfort it during the night. Its concoction of main ingredients include some of the most coveted in the world such as black pearl, selected for its fortifying, anti-ageing, remineralising and antioxidant cosmetic properties. The infusion of myrtle extract acts as a natural cellular regenerator to improve inter-cellular communication and boost the production of anti-ageing antibodies. In essence, it reactivates the skin‘s youth-preserving reflexes so that your skin will never reveal your true age, amongst a cocktail of energising ingredients with a combination of magnesium, calcium, copper and zinc to pack that youth inducing pizzazz. After using these products for a couple of weeks I could actually see my skin visibly glowing with health. After I began using it, it was even credited with provoking more than one “you’re looking well” comment… on zoom, of course!

After getting my skin in check, I needed to inject some love into my lackluster tresses. Trust me, I’ve tried it all – or at least I thought I had until I discovered Phytodess. There seems to be

“The perfect association to protect the skin during the day and to comfort it during the night. Its concoction of main ingredients include some of the most coveted in the world such as black pearl, selected for its fortifying, anti-ageing, remineralising and antioxidant cosmetic properties.”

a product for everything nowadays so it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about what your hair actually needs. I rang Dessange who offered me an online consultation with their knowledgeable Senior Stylist and Salon Manager Amie to discuss what I wanted to achieve and address any concerns that I may have – all from the comfort of my own home. After complaining about life and vanity causing havoc on my strands – as well as a build-up of hair dye, it’s fair to say

that my hair needed a heavy dose of SOS. My barnet seemed to be in limbo with greasy roots caressing my scalp yet still being overly dry and sensitised throughout my lengths. This is when I was introduced to the world of clarifying shampoo that purifies the scalps, removes all residue and product build up, whilst also renewing the hairs hydro-lipid film – to keep your hair fibre both hydrated and in optimum condition. I was prescribed Phytodess Saro Shampoo which acts a botanical cleansing base with its coconut and saro essential oils. Not to mention, the amplifying qualities and the synergy between three plants (shikakai, desert palm and gypsophila) that make for a beautifully hedonistic concoction. This can be used as an everyday shampoo or as part of a treatment with their Phytodess Honey and Everlasting Flower Crème mask. Speaking of which, this would hands down be the nicest smelling mask I have ever had the pleasure of using – and that is no exaggeration! Honestly, the beeswax scent fills the air as you apply this to lengths and ends onto dry hair, massaging in

strand-by-strand. The compliments don’t stop there as you can’t help but have a feel-good factor from using this with its whopping 99.9% natural origin ingredients. Apply this on dry hair before shampooing and then you leave this concoction on your hair for a minimum of 15 minutes, but you can further benefit from its deep conditioned qualities by steaming your hair at home. You can wrap your hair with a clean plastic bag or a shower cap as your body temperature is enough to create the desired heat required. Then, when it comes to removing the product, without wetting your hair first, proceed with shampooing using PHYTODESS Saro shampoo to dry lather. Then when it comes to actually rinsing your hair you can do so with cool water to close the hair cuticle and leave it looking extra shiny. Also, what better time than now to let your hair dry naturally and avoid unnecessary heat and styling? If you don’t like to leave your hair too wet you can always air dry it 80% then leave the rest to dry on its own. Heat is a huge factor in drying the hair out, so I was recommended to try braiding my towel dried hair for a few hours as once you remove the you’ll have perfect beach waves. Honestly, it’s little hints and tips like this from Dessange that make you feel part of a wider community as they are genuinely invested in looking after you and your beauty needs – forever going that extra mile!

For more information please contact
Dessange Bahrain on +973 1771 3999

“After I began using it, it was even credited with provoking more than one “you’re looking well” comment… on zoom, of course!”

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