Taking care of your skin, hair, nails and your body calls for some extra effort during Ramadan. Here is our 30 day checklist to have you feeling great from head-to-toe.

Day 1: Prepare your skin
Use moisturiser on a daily basis, something that will hydrate and protects your skin all day long.

Day 2: Shield yourself from the sun
If you need to go outside during the day be sure to use sunscreen, however try to avoid long spells in the sun as UV rays can cause skin damage.

Day 3: Take a proper diet
‘You are what you eat’ and this holds true during Ramadan too, so don’t overeat while having Iftar, and make sure you’re enjoying antioxidant rich foods too.

Day 4: Find a gentle cleanser
Since our skin is constantly exposed to dust, pollution and extreme temperature, it is necessary to use a gentle cleanser that works lightly to refresh the skin’s surface.

Day 5: Eye care
Don’t forget to take care of the area around your eyes to prevent dark circles forming by using a specific eye cream which will promote brightness and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Day 6: Go makeup free
Allow your skin to breathe and your pores to take a break. Try it out for one day and realise how beneficial it can be.

Day 7: Hydrate
Drink plenty of water and natural fresh juices. Your skin and body may not be receiving normal hydration and nutrition benefits while fasting.

Day 8: Watch what you’re drinking!
Avoid drinking carbonated or sugary beverages like soda, as well as caffeine as these too can cause dehydration.

Day 9: Aim for a perfect skin
To achieve flawless and radiant skin why not try out a natural face mask using natural ingredients around your home.

Day 10: Stay hydrated
Because of dehydration during fasting, your skin will benefit from a moisturising body lotion. Use it after the shower as the skin absorbs it more effectively at this time.

Day 11: Use light makeup removers
Why not take this opportunity to trial one of the latest micellar water brands you’ve been ogling. Your skin will thank you!

Day 12: Lips
Your lips should be moisturised at least three to four times every day to maintain hydration. Our editor swears by carmex to keep her lips looking plump and crack-free.

Day 13: Hair does care
Your hair can’t be neglected. Keep it moisturised and treated with products that revitalise your hair and keep it looking healthy, shiny and silky.

Day 14: Nail it with strength
Your nails are worth the care. Use a natural oil such as coconut or olive oil to replenish, soften and banish those cuticles.

Day 15: Brushing
Think twice before you choose your brush after showering.Invest in a specific detangling brush that can lessen breakage up to 45%.

Day 16: Hair growth
Promote a healthy scalp by rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of your washing regime. This will help decrease hair fall.

Day 17: Exfoliate
No need for harsh exfoliates or lots of scrubbing. Ingredients like coconut oil and sugar around the house will do the job effectively and gently.

Day 18: Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep won’t just make you feel irritable but it can lead to weight gain, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalance and skin problems. Make a commitment to resting up!

Day 19: Pamper your hands
Invest in some spa gloves for you to enjoy a pampering session in the comfort of your home using essential oils and intensive moisturisers.

Day 20: What about your feet!
You can still feel beautiful with an at-home spa day by soaking your feet in epsom salts that soften the skin on your toes, soles and heels.

Day 21: Keep it special
Add a touch of magic to your hair with a hydrating hair mask that repairs your hair. Leave it overnight for added benefits!

Day 22: Look after your health
For some people, any digestion issues show up straight away on their face. Eating plenty of leafy greens can help turn things around.

Day 23: Rejuvenation
Always apply a dedicated night time cream before you fall into the land of slumber.

Day 24: Peel off
Now is the chance to try one of those purifying black peel off masks that rids the skin of impurities such as dead skin cells and blackheads, drawing dirt and excess oil out of the pores.

Day 25: Hair Removal
Why not invest in the latest hair removal to remove unwanted hairs to have you forever feeling fuzz- free.

Day 26: Use the right products
If you’re skin is lacking elasticity ensure you use a cream dedicated to your skin type, such as anti-ageing to assist those pesky wrinkles and plump up the collagen levels in lacklustre skin.

Day 27: Pamper your hair
Play with those straighteners that are probably in the back of your beauty bag. You can have fun with a variety of styles, not just straight but curls.

Day 28: Follow your guts
Find out what works for you be it physical, ritual or even spiritual to ensure you are balanced in your life.

Day 29: Get Ready
Whilst your hair is towel dried, plait it and leave it overnight to give you effortless beach waves in the morning. Apply a serum to banish any frizz.

Day 30: Go Glam
Don’t hesitate to stock up on your favourite beauty products and make the most of an online shopping experience.

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