Aromatherapy Self-care

Ramadan is a period of reflection and good vibes, and at Bath & Body Works, you can explore products that cater for your skincare routine and scents that bring an Arab influence to your fragrances and home.

At Bath & Body Works, you will find a vast selection of products that are perfect for every occasion. They are a one-stop-allthings shop, always adding something new to widen your options and to surprise you with the ideal scent for your needs and taste.

In the home department, discover a Velvet Oud three-wick candle with a woody blend of clove, rose and raspberry mixed with sandalwood. A beautiful combination to evoke the scent of Ramadan around the house. A reason to love these candles even more is that they are made with natural essential oils and fragrance that lasts up to 45 hours. Plus they’re great décor items to add a striking detail to your table.

The new Aromatherapy Collection made with essential oils makes the most suitable pick for your Holy Month routine. During this time, it is necessary to pay extra attention to your skin; while your water consumption reduces, your complexion can become a bit drier than usual.

Here is a selection of best picks from the latest range:

  • A moisturising body wash containing coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter provides a rich and creamy lather for a soft result.
  • A nourishing bar soap made with glycerin that provides gentle cleansing.
  • Opt for a smooth foot scrub with pumice and walnut shells in its formula to reveal conditioned feet.
  • Choose a sugar scrub that conditions your skin with its jojoba and almond oil combined with exfoliating sugar crystals.
  • The body lotions are made with vitamin E and shea butter to lock in moisture all day.
  • Care for your feet with a refreshing foot cream made with conditioning oils such as avocado and olive.
  • A lightweight moisturising body oil locks in moisture for 24 hours and is composed of argan oil and shea butter.

Ramadan is also the month of giving, so you can create your gift, adding a personal touch with your favourite products, choose a premade box or even purchase a gift card and let your loved ones and friends opt for their most treasured items.


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