Arab Aesthetic

The brand Meera Toukan brings colourful designs in eye-catching pieces with elements of the Middle East’s rich culture.

Infusing Middle Eastern elements into her collections, Meera Toukan creates original accessories for a contemporary and cultural style. She started her brand in 2014 when she was a student and witnessed the impact of social media on fashion. This realisation motivated her to create a streetwear brand after her name, printing emojis and slogans onto hoodies, T-shirts and sweaters. Meera has a strong urge to showcase her heritage through fashion. Her designs use the Keffiyeh – the checkered black and white scarf originating from Jordan/Palestine that is mainly worn around the head in the Arab Culture – and Arabic calligraphy meaning peace, love and freedom, all painted in vivid candy hues. Meera’s vision gathers inspiration from the region’s culture and heritage to develop her fashion brand empowering local artisans and workshops. This season, plexiglass clutches handcrafted by artisans in Jordan are the highlight of her collection.

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