The calligrapher Tarek Benaoum collaborates once again with Guerlain to create an exclusive motif for the Absolus d’Orient collection.

The three iconic woody fragrances,Santal Royal, Oud Essentiel and Patchouli Ardent, get a packaging revamp, that revolves around a reinterpretation of Guerlain’s emblematic G, by visual artist Tarek Benaoum. In 2019, for the fifth anniversary of Santal Royal, the calligrapher reinvented the House’s iconic bee bottle. Now, two years after their first meeting, Guerlain and Tarek have come together again for a new collaboration on the Absolus d’Orient collection.

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, created the fragrances as an homage to the most beautiful Oriental raw materials. The two creators, one that speaks the language of smells and the other of calligraphy, give these Arabic inspired scents a deep meaning, embracing culture, heritage and tradition. The fragrances are a celebration of woody notes throughout the Absolus d’Orient collection. Between shadow and light, Thierry’s creations require an intimate understanding of the ingredients. Before designing each composition, the master perfumer dives into each raw essence to explore its scent and soak in every nuance. Thanks to this complete understanding of the raw material, he can then amplify its quintessential nature and highlight its richness as well as the beauty of its wood grains. The sumptuousness of sandalwood. The complexity of oud. The depth of patchouli.

Santal Royal plays with the contrasts between a luminous bouquet of jasmine and rose, deep leather and sandalwood notes and an oud accord. Oud Essentiel radiates its deep and complex fragrance with smooth notes of rose, leather and incense in a powerful aroma. Patchouli Ardent offers a luminous, bright and vibrant play on patchouli that is energised with pepper, and marries rose absolute with a majestic accord of musks and leather.

Tarek also enhances the noble woods using gold-coloured pigments that emanate pure light to reveal the wood’s sombre shades. Through elegance and sophistication, the artist’s creations reveal contrasts and bring out the raw beauty of these natural materials.


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