Find the best spa treatments and exercises for a healthy lifestyle. ThFeminine flair and expert tailoring are the main elements in Barbara Rizzi’s collection. An ode to the feminine form and strength. is month, you also find offers to be enjoyed with your significant other.

The Milanese ready to wear brand, Barbara Rizzi, is launching in the Middle East. Dedicated to the modern and sophisticated woman, it follows the motto: ‘to fight is your power’. The founder and creative director, and the brand’s name, is also a successful entrepreneur CEO of her family business in the air compressors field. The designer’s love and passion for fashion come from her grandmothers, who sewed, knitted and crocheted fine clothes when she was a little girl. This childhood experience gave her an insight into different techniques to create exquisite pieces and accessories. In 2003, she received her diploma in Stylism and Fashion Design from Carlo Secoli fashion school in Milan, perfecting her skills and expertise.

Barbara Rizzi pays particular attention to the perfect fit to exalt the female form while offering comfortable yet beautiful designs. The brand’s collection, called Sophia, embodies the irresistible force of women with elegant suits and jumpsuits. The pieces have unique features like bespoke 3D embroideries, linings, detachable collars and cuts that enhance the female power. Made in Italy, each creation is crafted with artisanal techniques and hand-sewn intricate and delicate detailing, which is at the core of each piece. She uses unexpected details and daring colours, making her designs an armour to the modern self-reliant woman. It is a collection of Italian sartorial elegance that celebrates the vibrancy of the feminine figure.


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