The world of beauty of skincare can be a confusing one, with so many products and trends available to us. Angela Beitz shares everything you need to know about these power products


Toners were created to balance out the skin’s pH level, seeing how soaps back then were harsh on the skin. But now that there are gentle facial cleansers, there has been less demand for a toner. However, nowadays, toners have antioxidants and additives for preparing your skin. Hence, they can serve as a base level for hydration and, for some, a second step in cleansing.


Just like we treat our bodies with vitamins and antioxidants to stay healthy, we are seeing the trend pop into our skincare and haircare. As we become more aware of what kind of food and chemicals we put in our bodies, it only makes sense for the beauty industry to do the same. You will start to see ingredients such as parsley seed, kale, broccoli, flax seed, moringa, and algae in skin care products. Other products will have vitamins, such as Vitamin C, and minerals to be used alone or added to lotions for an extra boost


A lightweight product enriched with powerful ingredients to treat specific skin issues like dullness, aging, and dark spots. Serums are heavier than water but thinner than lotion or cream. They are often clear, and have a texture similar to a watery gel or lightweight oil. Although there are serums targeted to treat every specific skin concern, all skin types can benefit from a serum that utilises a combination of ingredients focused on boosting cell turnover to rejuvenate skin.


We’ve long been aware of the benefits of dry brushing our bodies, in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite, to exfoliate skin, and boost circulation, so it may come as no surprise that it has been widely used in Asia to improve the texture of the skin on their faces as well. This action can be a little abrasive but it improves circulation and it will give your complexion an incredible glow. In addition, Asian women use facial soap rather than liquid cleansers so cleansing bars making a comeback.


A lightweight liquid popular in Korean skincare that you press into the skin after cleansing. Essences have a thin, almost water-like consistency that saturates the face with moisture. While some essences come in spray bottles that you can apply directly to your skin, many require you to dispense a small amount into your palms and then pat the liquid into your face, starting at your chin and moving upward.Your face will likely feel very wet after application, so give your skin a few minutes to absorb the essential goodness before applying other products like serums and moisturisers.

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