Aesthetic and Mindful

Embrace whimsical and nature-friendly looks with ZALXNDRA’s spring and summer 2022 collection.

Feminine, flattering and confident pieces compose ZALXNDRA’s spring and summer 2022 collection. A selection of dresses and lightweight outfits brings the joyful spirit of enjoying each beautiful moment of life.

The looks create a dreamy summer wardrobe for hot days and laid-back nights. The pieces feature intricate frilled accents, twirl-worthy skirts and Bardot tops. The dresses are crafted in fine linen, a material synonymous with the season, and embellished with artistic, colourful and unique embroidery. A passionate and skilled team carefully handcrafts each piece.

Founded in 2016, ZALXNDRA fights the fast-fashion concept and offers a unique approach to creating timeless, high-quality clothing to stay in your wardrobe for a lifetime. The brand combines modern silhouettes with a rich heritage of handicrafts in embroidered linen garments. The materials are sourced from around Europe, and they are all sustainable and biodegradable to create limited pieces of finely produced clothing. Some creations can take up to two months to be completed, handled by only one talented and experienced embroiderer to maintain a consistent needlework style.


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