We get the 411 on ZENDAYA as she is announced as TOMMY HILFIGER’S new global women’s ambassador and co-designer for the TOMMYXZENDAYA collaborative collection

How would you describe your style?

I think the best thing about my style is I don’t have one. There’s freedom in allowing it to just be undefined.

Who is your style icon?

There are too many to count. I’m just inspired by the ones you can tell dress for themselves and no one else.

What’s your go-to fashion advice?

Do YOU like it? Do YOU feel good? Then wear it! What did you learn throughout the design process with Tommy Hilfiger? I’ve learned about what it really takes to make a garment. Even something as simple as a plain white tee takes so much more time, people and energy then you’d think, and every job is crucial.

How involved were you in the design process?

Every step of the way. I really appreciate how Tommy and his entire team really allowed Law and I to have complete creative freedom. They gave us the support we needed to create our vision, and they executed it perfectly.

In designing this collaborative capsule, what was important to you?

The most important thing to me is that these clothes feel timeless and whoever puts it on feels powerful and confident.

What is a key piece of advice that Tommy gave to you?

He didn’t even have to say it, he’s a leader by example. He shows how to have longevity in your career by always staying true to your brand and sharing your knowledge but also never being afraid to reinvent or embrace young voices and creatives to always stay relevant.

What was it like shooting the campaign?

A dream. Literally, I’ve been dreaming about it and have had the pleasure of watching it come to fruition.

What is your first memory of TOMMY HILFIGER?

I think Tommy has always been a major iconic figure in pop culture. It’s always been there, plus, I’m a 90’s baby.

Why did you want to become an actress and singer?

I just had a love for it. It brought me joy and became my outlet as a shy kid.

If you weren’t an actress and singer, what would you be?

A Teacher.

 What does a typical day in your life look like?

That’s the thing, it changes every day.

What accomplishment are you most proud of to date?

I would say I’m most proud of the positive impact I’ve been able to have on so many people’s lives.

 What drives you every day?

My love for what I do, but also knowing that I’ve built a platform that I know I can use to really make the changes I want to see in the world.

How do you express your individuality?

Through the Arts and through what I wear. It’s all an extension of myself.

What makes you feel empowered? A certain outfit? A motto?

Working. I love working and like anybody, I need breaks. But doing what I love every day, that’s empowering.

Who inspires you and why?

It may sound corny, but my family. Having little nieces and nephews and knowing they are watching is all the inspiration I need.

 One thing that people are surprised to know about you?

I’m still a very shy person. Even though I guess I live a very different life. I’m super introverted and it takes a lot for me to even start small talk with people at parties (that I normally don’t even go to).

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