Seafood lovers should flock to the DOHA MARRIOTT’S new Friday night foodie offering, aptly named SEASCAPE – packed with every seafood delight you can think of and possibly crave, as CRAIG FERRIMAN finds out…

The large capacity Corniche restaurant hosts a spectacular seafood buffet that should be right up your street if you like good fish and other marine produce. This place was quickly filled up and it can only be a good sign that so many people have come to enjoy this food spread.

For those looking to begin with something light, fresh and super tasty – you need to head towards the salad station. I started with a plate of fresh greens which all had a fish theme. There was tuna and potatoes, octopus salad and a delicious prawn and pomelo salad too among many others. The sushi was intricately showcased and it tasted rather sumptuous and with the added bonus of a few little twists of flavour, well, that only made it all the more moreish and addictive.

There was also a giant pot with a hot and homely seafood chowder, something that is often hard to find in this part of the world. I hadn’t had a chowder this good since I was last in Ireland so props to the culinary team at the Doha Marriott. There was also a seafood linguine and even a bountiful paella, adding to the hot main offerings which definitely warmed us up with piping hot flavours. Word of warning though: pace yourself.
For me, the treasure part to this seafood night was the side room just off from the main buffet where a row of rather imposing-looking sh stared back at me. e chefs stand by ‘guarding their gold’ ready to cook it fresh for you – which they execute perfectly. There were local offerings such as hammour, but, amidst said home comforts there were also more rare options like yellow snapper and crabs, alongside the ever-popular shrimp. The Executive Chef informed me that they have a contract with a reliable supplier who ensures that the hotel receives the best and freshest catch of whatever is in the sea right now – therefore, the options in this room can change from week to week depending on what is caught. Now, that is certainly fresh thinking! A lot of the fish they catch comes from the waters just off of Oman, which means that you’re bound to get a great selection.

I ordered a large crab, some salmon and a little yellow snapper which was fully gutted and the head was removed. All were cooked directly to my liking and the crab especially was beautiful to taste – truly melt-in-your-mouth calibre. There was some calamari too which we had grilled – much to our pleasant surprise – on account of the usual deep-fried option unfortunately proving commonplace in most establishments… well, not here with their refreshing list of delicacies. Such a plethora of flavours positively shocked my palate and I would have definitely gone back for seconds had it not been for the mouthwatering mussels which were proving a real hit with the crowd.

This is a very family-friendly affair which was noticeable in the many tables packed with parents and children alike – little ones were free to play and enjoy their time too! A buffet event means that you can keep getting up and going back for as much as you want to try – this is an encouraging social aspect for people making an evening of it. However, in case there is anyone in your group who isn’t too fussed about seafood, the venue also has a first-class à la carte menu, catering to every diner. Smiles all around guaranteed.

Friday Seascape is de nitely one to put on your 2018 foodie bucket list in Doha and we know that you will fall hook, line and sinker for this absolute pearl of gastronomy – we did.

For Reservations and more information please Call +974 4429 8499 @Dohamarriott



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