A Seafood haven

With newly appointed chef, Evangelos Liakouris, Al Dana restaurant is set to slay the culinary scene with its Mediterranean seafood flavours and modern twist; the newly revamped venue promises multiple options for a great experience…

Cosy terrace

Sharq Village & Spa operated by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is continuing to be a game changer in the culinary industry, and is set to bring new and upbeat options within the city. Having revamped their seafood gold spot, Al Dana is now sailing under Greek chef Evangelos Liakouris offering an exquisite mix of Mediterranean flavours. But if you’re wondering what else this luxurious hotel has in stores, C lounge by Al Dana is also part of the deal. Having the spot unveiled not so long ago, you can indulge in their picturesque skyline and alfresco area, with breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. And if that didn’t grab your attention, perhaps its culinary delights will.

Fresh seafood station

Al Dana restaurant is the perfect rendez-vous spot offering a more relaxed ambience for those who wish to enjoy an evening among friends, and delight in top seafood dishes. With an array of choices, the vibrant menu is set to satisfy different palates. From authentic Greek fresh salads to Italian dishes – options are definitely endless. Wanting to try it all and put chef Evangelos to the ultimate test, we first enjoyed a Chef ’s Salad. Our Greek salad came with sardines; a wonderful savory dish that allowed our palate to experience several textures – a very fresh start(QR65).

Beef Fillet Tataki

Their exquisite Burrata was next (QR75), a focaccia with fresh cherry tomatoes, amazingly light and airy. Having deliciously devoured both starters, it’s safe to say, all portions are big enough for sharing. Wanting to venture into heavier territory, we opted for their tender Beef Fillet Tataki (QR75) with smoked tomato aioli sauce and mushroom carpaccio, which introduced us to an fusion of multiple flavours. That said, if beef isn’t your first option, don’t worry because we also recommend one of their popular dishes, Tagine (QR130). This light and healthy dish is a marinated hammour with chermoula sauce and boiled vegetables.

Deconstructed Black Forest

Definitely enough for two. And since we are practically food connoisseurs, we couldn’t say no to a dessert – a much-anticipated dish chef Evangelos had meticulously prepared for us. We were treated to their famous Deconstructed Black Forest made up of exquisite mango cremeux (QR55), which took the top prize. If ending our evening with chocolate is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. But if you’re more interested in bite size meals, you have to try out Al Dana’s Aperitivo evenings. Relax and unwind from 5pm-8pm every Wednesday, featuring Italian signature beverages with complimentary Italian bites.


Whatever your palate is craving for, top fresh seafood is guaranteed with an array of choices.

Al Dana is open daily from 6.30pm until 11pm, except Sundays. For more information or reservations call: 4425 6666.

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