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This month, OHLALA chatted with Aysha Abdulmalek, the designer at AISHA JEWELS. Energetic and passionate, she is an inspiration for young creative minds out there.

“The thing I like most about working with jewellery is transforming emotions into tangible items that people can wear with delight.”

– Aysha Abdulmalek

OHLALA – You have been working with jewellery since a very young age. Can you tell us how exactly this universe entered your life? Have you ever thought of working in a different field?
Aysha Abdulmalek –
Yes! I was considering becoming an architect, but I found myself drawn into the world of jewellery design by coincidence. My mother has always loved jewellery, and I think I inherited her passion. It all started when I decided to participate in Tamkeen’s Mashroo3i programme, which was only meant to be a part of my high school graduation project. I didn’t even win a top position, but I was lucky enough to get a chance to display my pieces in City Centre Bahrain. The overwhelming attention that my work got made me decide to start a jewellery brand!

OHLALA – What are the core values of AISHA JEWELS? What message do you want to pass on to your customers with your creations?
Aysha –
At AISHA JEWELS we are very passionate about giving back to the community. This is one of our core values that we twin with our corporate success through our annual charity programme: Atta Al Jawaher. We strive to infuse all our activities with happiness, creativity and joy, encouraging people to make a positive impact on the world.

OHLALA – As a young Bahraini entrepreneur who has conquered the entire GCC with your brand, what do you think was the key aspect that helped you grow your business?
Aysha –
I think the main aspect that helped us grow is having a sense of camaraderie with our clients. We even refuse to call them clients because we truly feel like they are a part of us, our friends and truly our brand family. I ensure that I keep an open connection with them through different social media platforms daily. At AISHA JEWELS, we treat everyone like it’s their first time acquiring or experiencing our brand. In addition to that, our pieces are meticulously manufactured with our own exacting standards that cater to a specific segment of the market.

OHLALA – What do you like most about working with jewellery?
Aysha –
The thing I like most about working with jewellery is transforming emotions into tangible items that people can wear with delight. Not only that but for it to become someone’s dream to acquire an AISHA JEWELS piece is truly a humbling and rewarding experience for which I’m eternally grateful.

OHLALA – How do you conceptualise your collections? What is your main inspiration?
Aysha –
Contrary to popular belief, inspiration doesn’t come by locking myself in my design studio and brainstorming for hours. Realistically, ideas can come at any time during the day. I might be out with my friends or exercising when an idea sparks, so I make sure to capture it the moment it comes. Then, when the time comes to start planning for a new collection, this is where I gather all those epiphanies and orchestrate them into a cohesive concept for new pieces.

OHLALA – What is the most important aspect of conceptualising a new jewellery piece for you? Is there one aspect that can be spotted throughout all your creations?
Aysha –
As an artist who grew up in a very traditional Bahraini home in modern times, I think you can see this environment and parts of my personality reflected in my creations. One concept seen throughout our pieces is that each item is designed to be an heirloom piece, even if intended for daily use. On the other hand, you can also see the vibe of AISHA JEWELS across all the creations.

OHLALA – What is your personal preference when it comes to jewellery? Do you have one favourite jewel or line?
Aysha –
Every piece has a special place in my heart. It’s difficult for me to choose a favourite, but I do cycle through them in phases and wear them based on the occasion. Right now, I love wearing my Wehaj Chic bangles paired with my Talae’d pearl earrings as my daily pieces. I always update our Instagram story with the pieces I’m wearing, so keep an eye out!

OHLALA – Bahrain is a place loved by many. As a Bahraini, what do you like most about your country?
Aysha –
I’m a Bahraini, so my answer might be quite biased, but what’s there not to love about Bahrain? If we’re speaking in terms of the industry, I appreciate that Bahrain is the only country that has prohibited the use of cultured pearls since 1928. Not to mention that our team is composed entirely of talented Bahrainis, with women representing 80% of the team!


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