The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain has always been associated with successful names in the world of culinary excellence, and with the relatively new Cantina Kahlo this theory has only proved to be a continuous reality…

We abandoned our car at the front of the luxury hotel and immerged into the lobby through a revolving door. Straight through the security check-up and out to the pool side. We could have drove further and parked few steps away from the restaurant’s entrance but we did not regret the few minutes’ walk at the heart of such a beautiful landscape! A few tables were already occupied on the terrace overlooking a peaceful lake, but, we preferred to be seated indoors. We opened the door and beside the gorgeous Orchid arrangement in the centre of the entree, the delicious smells were so appealing I felt hungry already. We’d been escorted to our table beside the live band and by the window. Our waitress was the loveliest lady, initially she explained the different corners of the buffet and helped us with the menu from which we were able to pick whatever items took our desire. The restaurant is not vast, but, it is the perfect size for a cozy gathering, it felt like someone’s own lake house.

The green colour is dominant with an array of paintings decorating the walls I believe is mainly inspired by the vibrant Mexican art scene and legacy of past contemporary artists.The three corners of pure deliciousness are attractively arranged. Of course the soup and salad station had a big bowl of guacamole that screams “Eat me!”, I must say, I visited this corner so many times! I tried the tortilla soup while my companion fell in love with the beef soup. The taco station was rich with two kinds of rice, three choices for the filling, beef, vegetarian, and chicken tacos. You choose one and the chef will happily heat up the soft taco bread, add some cheese if you may like, top it with the filling of your choice, then help you figure out the best sauce: coriander, tomato, pineapple, maybe add a bit of onions or fresh cilantro or some red cabbage?! We ordered our drinks and started a discovery journey of Mexican flavours. The sweet corner had a variety of desserts, but, to be honest I couldn’t care less after I noticed the chef frying churros on the spot. Oh! with chocolate or cajeta (caramel) sauce, it is ultimate happiness manifested on a plate.

From the menu, we had to try the ceviche, it bypassed our expectations. And for our main course, we decided to try the ribeye steak with spicy bacon, rice and banana chips. This is a great choice for meat lovers, tender, juicy, and the taste was amazing. I was also intrigued to order the grilled Portobello mushroom with cactus. This was a simple straight forward dish, two Portobello mushrooms grilled and topped with grilled pieces of cactus and finished with a sprinkle of cheese but the taste was anything but simple. The cactus is a lot like artichokes, a very good choice for vegetarian guests and a perfect combo with the steak. Mexican cuisine has just won a new venue on our lovely Island of Bahrain, Cantina Kahlo at the The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. Call your best friends and plan your next Saturday Brunch out and with the weather starting to cool down, that terrace will look like a piece of heaven!



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