5 Destinations, 5 Suitcases

Keep your vacation stylish with these five destinations for summer 2024 – we have your wardrobe sorted!

Summer travel is always popular and, this year, according to the Mastercard Economics Institute’s annual report on travel trends, released in May 2024, these are the top five destinations: Munich, Tokyo, Tirana, Nice and Cancun. We put together five different wardrobes inspired by these destinations. Which would you jump on a flight to in a heartbeat?


Being a central location in Europe and hosting the UEFA European Football Championship might have contributed to making this city a top destination. However, Munich is perfect for outdoor events such as concerts and picnics. With numerous parks and beautiful lakes in the surrounding countryside, it is a good spot for those who enjoy nature.


After having its borders closed to tourists for more than two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has seen an increase in visitors in the past year. It experienced three million visitors in March 2024, the highest since recordkeeping began in 1964. Summer is the best time to enjoy street festivals, seasonal food and firework displays.


For years, Croatia was seen as an option other than Italy for offering Mediterranean vibes and vibrant nightlife. With the country becoming a bit pricey, Albania has surged as an alternative. With resorts on the Adriatic coast and the unexplored hiker-friendly Albanian Alps, this not-so-well-known city has become a hot spot.


With Paris hosting the Olympic Games this year, Nice has become an excellent choice to flee the heat and crowds and enjoy luxurious resorts and the Mediterranean lifestyle. With very long days, the summer months are ideal for lounging on its white-sand beaches and exploring the local culture.


Offering Caribbean vibes, Cancun is probably the most popular spot for tourists looking for some fun under the sun in the region. With an array of hotels and resorts for all pockets, the city is well experienced in receiving travellers from all over the globe. It’s known for its incredible turquoise waters, unparalleled weather and mystical Mayan ruins.

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