Lunch is Served

Having WAHM Lounge revamped not too long ago, W Doha Hotel & Residences is creating, again, abuzz with its new promotion that our foodie contributor, Polly, had to try…


I love it when a place surprises you. I’d visited Wahm at the W Hotel on numerous occasions in the past, but only ever for bubbly beverages with friends. Now, with the introduction of ‘Lunch Is Served’, their daytime three course set menu, I was not only about to see what the venue looks like in daylight for the first time (just as suave and sophisticated, in case you’re wondering), but I was going to get my first taste of food from the Wahm kitchens.


The bright sunshine and cool breeze over West Bay called for a seat in one of the brightly coloured armchairs outside on the Wet Deck, and a refreshing glass of ice cold water as we perused the menu. The lunch promotion is a steal at only QAR 79 for three courses, and I was delighted to find the menu filled with crowd-pleasing bites, from Caesar Salad and crispy fried Calamari to the classic Club Sandwich.


The best way to order in a place like this of course, is to get your friends to each select a different item from the menu for each course, place all of the plates in the middle and share it all, and that’s exactly what we did.


Having sampled most of the dishes on the menu in this fashion, my pick of the starters has got to be the Chimichuri Beef: aesthetically pleasing mini skewers of tender Robata grilled Prime Beef with coriander and chili, and a huge bowl of homemade guac on the side for dipping. The Caprese Flatbread (a ‘posh pizza’ with roasted cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil) is a tasty option for your main course – it’s just the right size with a rather satisfying ‘crunch’.


However, if you fancy something a little more wholesome, the Scottish Salmon is perfectly seasoned with a slightly bitter taste of Sumac which contrasts nicely with the earthy taste of basil emulsion, and is accompanied by delicious al dente asparagus.


For dessert, the only choice has got to be the W Chocolate Brownie with homemade vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce. If you’re in polite company, you will have to try very hard to restrain yourself from licking the plate clean.


Wahm has always been known for its cool music, chic vibe and contemporary décor. Now you can add great food to the list. Excellent venues rarely come hand in hand with a reasonably priced but well executed menu. Prepare yourself to be surprised.

‘Lunch Is Served’: QAR 79 for a 3 course-menu, available from 12pm – 4pm, 7
days a week. For more information or reservations call: 4453 5135

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