La Piazza

From succulent pasta to green and fresh Italian salad, we visit LA PIAZZA to discover a true hidden gem in Souq Waqif…

La Piazza has enjoyed a long-standing reputation at Souq Waqif. If you happen to stroll around, especially with the beautiful weather we can look forward to, then you’re in for a treat. Located in the heart of the city,lost in the midst of old-time Doha, dining in the middle of this kind of setting, is alluring – it is for us at least. Approaching our experience with much eagerness, we came prepared for the feast of all Italian feasts. As we arrived we couldn’t help but appreciate the magnificently high ceilings next to the Arabic influenced ornate décor. It’s a East meets West kind of vibe.

With a palatial fountain in the middle of the restaurant, you definitely feel the grandness of it all – if you’re a newcomer you’ll be swept away, if you’re used to this kind of sophisticated dining experience, it will be second nature to you. And yet, despite its size, the heartwarming staff create an overall cosy feeling. We meet Chef Francesco who is now at the helm of the venue. Coming from Rome, Italy, it was no surprise he opened up with his friendly and charismatic culinary guidance to help us choose our first dish.

We started off with something light, so we opted for a green and healthy salad, aptly named: La Piazza salad. With nuts, toasted bread, cheese and rucola leaf, the salad offers a mix of freshness and many tastes. Our favourite element of it was the salty bite paired with oozing olive oil. If you’re a healthy eater, this is a dish we highly recommend. If like us you enjoy some wholesomely good, tasty pasta, then we recommend: Maccheroni Cacio e Pepe. Chef Francesco kindly prepared this ultimate traditional dish for us. If the name sounds too technical, it’s simply pasta with cheese and pepper. The dish offers a creamy texture with a salty and tangy finish. But if you’re not feeling pasta on the day and want a definitively meaty meal, opt for the succulent steak accompanied with a perfectly paired warm potato gratin.

As the venue got busier with visitors and business people coming in, we noticed how the restaurant delivers to a very diverse community. But what got our seal of approval was the venue’s latest promotion of all you can eat pasta and pizza for only QR65; the Sunday-Thursday promotion is on from 12 until 4pm. Restaurant located at Al Bidda Boutique Hotel

For more information or reservation call: 4433 6666



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